May 28 Reminders


  • Students are invited to attend their “Move Up Day” Google Meet session TODAY (May 28) at 12:30 PM. The Google Meet link for this specific event has been sent out via email and ClassDojo. Students will find out who their teacher is on the Google Meet session. This information will also be written on their report card for the 4th marking period.
  • TOMORROW (May 29) is our last day of school!
  • Our final Google Meet session as a 3rd grade class will be TOMORROW (May 29) at 10:00 AM. We will be conducting this Google Meet in the form of Camp Day, as we had earned this class prize before our school closed in March. Students can participate by bringing blankets, stuffed animals, sleeping bags, and flashlights along to their Google Meet. During this final celebration, we will also engage in some fun activities to bring us all together one last time. If your child has already used our Google Classroom site, they can simply click on the Google Meet Link at the top of the page. Students can also access the session through the link sent via email or ClassDojo, as long as they are signed into their Google account first. I hope to see all students tomorrow for our last Google Meet session of 3rd grade!

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