We will be using ClassDojo this year, as a means for establishing our classroom management system.  ClassDojo is a fun website that allows me to add or subtract points based on your child’s behaviors and actions each day.  Rather than handing out classroom money, we will be using Dojo points as our prize system.  Using these points, students are then able to cash them in for prizes in our classroom.  For every 20 points your child accumulates, they will be able to choose something from our prize bin.  Don’t be alarmed if you see your child lose 20 points in one day; this may just mean they cashed their points in for a prize!

The exciting thing about this site is that parents have access to viewing their child’s progress, as well as communicating directly with me.  Students also have the ability to view their points, if desired.  I have sent home letters to each of you containing information on how to sign your child and yourself up for ClassDojo.  It is not required that you sign up; it is simply your preference.  If interested in signing up, please follow the specific instructions on your handout, as every child has a unique code that will only work for one person.  Also, please be aware that parents only have access to viewing their own child’s progress.

If you are having trouble creating an account for either your child or yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Also, if you misplace your sign-up sheet, I can easily provide you with another one.

To access the general ClassDojo website, please view:

Although ClassDojo has proven to be an effective classroom management and communication tool in the past, I am hoping that it will continue to be that for our class this year, as well.  Feedback will be greatly appreciated throughout the year!