Math Series

This year, we will be using the McGraw-Hill math series.  This series is accompanied by an online support system for students and parents.  This site provides support in the form of online tools and tutorials, practice quizzes, activities, games, etc., for every lesson taught in class.  Additional information and resources are also available on the McGraw-Hill site.  I highly recommend allowing your child to practice their math skills on this site on a regular basis.  To access this site, please click the link below:

I have access to all student usernames and passwords.  If you would like to obtain your child’s information, please contact me and I will be happy to send it to you!

Math Support

Miss Bodner and Mrs. Longenecker will be joining our class this year for math.  They will be offering push-in support for specific students.  While I am working with one group of students, Miss Bodner and Mrs. Longenecker will be working with the others.  This model will allow all children to engage in small-group learning, as well as increase individualized attention in new learned skills/concepts.


During math stations, we will be using XtraMath on the classroom laptops.  XtraMath is an individualized math practice program that allows students to work on math concepts that are of need to them.  Students have received pins to this site.  These have been placed in their planners (on the first page).  If you wish to allow your child to practice XtraMath at home, you can access the site by clicking here.  You should then enter my email address (, your child’s first name, and the pin they have been assigned.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the XtraMath program.

Ice Cream Math

In addition to practicing basic facts through XtraMath, we will be using Ice Cream Math this year.  This program focuses specifically on the retention of learned multiplication facts, as well as improving the speed of answering such facts.  We will begin this program shortly after learning multiplication.  Students will be working towards earning an ice cream party, as they pass new levels of their times tables.  Each new level will ensure that they have earned a new “part” of their ice cream party.  For example, one level may be geared towards earning a bowl, while other levels ensure that they get whipped cream, sprinkles, etc…  Please be on the lookout for when we begin Ice Cream Math, as practicing basic facts at home with students will greatly impact how quickly they get through the program.

Additional Games

Basic Facts

Place Value