*Due to the new blended learning schedule, information on this page is subject to change during the 2020-2021 school year.

Due to only having two in-person instructional days with each group per week, we will only be assessing students on their knowledge of learned focus skills and vocabulary words.  This will allow us to spend more in-person time focusing on learning these concepts.  Since it may be confusing to keep track of vocabulary assessments, I will frequently create posts issuing the date of the next upcoming assessment.  Students should also have the date of the next assessment recorded at the top of their vocabulary list.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with updates in regard to what we are covering in reading during each unit.  Vocabulary lists will be updated on this page as well.  Please help your child study their vocabulary words as needed.  The bottom of this page contains a link for accessing Quizlet flashcards and games for this lesson.  This is an excellent study tool for practicing vocabulary words at home.

Lesson: 27

Story: Spiders and Their Webs

Book: 2

Pages: 328-344

Focus Skills: Making Inferences


  1. justice
  2. task
  3. elaborate
  4. inventive
  5. spiral
  6. prey
  7. reels
  8. shallow
  9. strands
  10. social

*Click here to access Quizlet flashcards and games for Lesson 27