We will have a reading assessment every 6 days.  Each unit will consist of 2 or 3 stories/lessons.  The first few lessons in each unit will end their 6-day cycle with a comprehension/vocabulary quiz.  The final lesson in each unit will also be followed by an overall unit assessment.  These assessments are designed to evaluate each student’s ability to read a new story and answer questions associated with that story.  Since it may be confusing to keep track of this schedule, I will frequently create posts issuing the date of the upcoming assessment.  Students should also have the date of the next assessment recorded in their planners.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with updates in regard to what we are covering in reading during each 6-day rotation.  Vocabulary lists will be updated on this page as well.  Please help your child study their vocabulary words as needed.  The bottom of this page contains a link for accessing Quizlet flashcards and games for this lesson.  This is an excellent study tool for practicing vocabulary words at home.

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Focus Skill: Author’s Purpose & Perspective


*There will be no vocab quiz this week.