This page will contain stories and writing samples that our class has created altogether.  We are currently focusing on narrative writing.  Please enjoy the stories below, as your child was one of many authors who contributed to them.

Angela the Copycat

Once there was a girl named Angela and a girl named Ruby who liked to hop. They were on a cruise ship to Africa. On the first day, the girls met the captain of the ship. His name was Captain Bob. They went to dinner together, when suddenly Angela started copying everybody.

During dinner, Captain Bob ordered crab soup and Angela did too, even though she didn’t like it.  After dinner, Ruby decided to go on the water slide, and Angela did too.  Ruby thought the pool wasn’t a big enough area to swim so she jumped off of the boat, and Angela followed her.  While in the ocean, the girls were snorkeling with fish.  Angela found a turtle and followed the turtle to an island full of turtles.

Angela found a dock on the island, and she saw a canoe next to the dock.  She took the canoe and decided to use it to find her cruise ship.  While rowing the canoe by herself, she realized that it’s pretty cool to do your own thing and not copy people.  She saw the cruise ship from a far and started rowing faster and faster.  When she finally caught up to the ship, Captain Bob yelled down to her and asked how she got there.  She said that she rowed the whole way there by herself.  Captain Bob helped Angela out of the water and gave her a badge for being responsible and doing her own thing.  After that, Angela apologized to everyone and never copied anybody again.

Miss Trostle’s 3rd Grade Class; September 2018