Snow, Roads, & Opening School

Penn Manor School District will open on a two-hour delay with modified kindergarten for Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Lancaster County received a tremendous amount of snow, but most of our school district has dug out enough for buses to travel. At some point classes must resume, and we feel that one more day off will not make a significant difference in most of the district’s roads.

We expect that some of our roads may be difficult to travel for the rest of the week, and ask for your patience as many buses will likely be running late. In addition, many intersections still have large piles of snow making visibility challenging and a number of roads still have only one travel lane, so we urge caution.

To those teens and their parents who are concerned about sending an inexperienced driver onto the roads, remember that students with parking passes are still entitled to ride their assigned bus to school if they do not feel comfortable driving.

Our school district covers 110 square miles with vastly different geography within the five municipalities that comprise the district. I consider all of the information at my disposal to make the decision to open school. Parents who do not feel comfortable sending their children to school are entitled to keep them at home. Student absences on a difficult travel day will be excused as long as parents send a note to school with your child.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dr. Mike Leichliter, Superintendent

*Thanks goes to several of my superintendent colleagues for sharing their posts and allowing me to borrow some of their thoughts for this post.

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