Proposed Calendar for 2016-2017

On February 1st I will be discussing the proposed school calendar options for 2016-2017 at the School Board meeting and will be asking for board approval of one of the three options on February 16th.  I welcome additional comments on the three options and have created a survey for parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and community members.  You will find a link to download the three options.  The survey can be found at this link: Click here for survey

Revised Draft Calendar A – Penn Manor – 2016-2017

Revised Draft Calendar B- Penn Manor – 2016-2017

Draft Calendar C – Penn Manor – 2016-2017

Calendar Draft Comparisons

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13 Responses to Proposed Calendar for 2016-2017

  1. Kim Zander says:

    I will appreciate just having a calendar again! I like option A, but again, will be just happy to have a calendar .

  2. Kim Knotwell says:

    I do not like ANY of these options! I would like a REAL school calendar to come home with my child. SDoL sends home a real calendar with each student. A lot of us older parents have a very hard time reading this computer generated letter. Please bring back a REAL calendar! I would gladly pay a small fee if need be.

  3. Mike Leichliter says:

    Thank you for your message. School districts are required to have a calendar every year and Penn Manor publishes a similar calendar to the drafts posted for this year. They are posted on the district website under the dropdown “District” and then “Calendar.” I believe you are referring to the monthly calendar that used to be printed by Clipper Magazine for Penn Manor. After Clipper discontinued their school calendar division, the district made the decision to invest in a mobile app due to the high cost of producing a calendar similar to what was supplied by Clipper.

  4. Mike Leichliter says:

    Thank you for your comments. I surveyed other school superintendents and learned that most school districts in Lancaster County have discontinued the printing of a traditional calendar. After Clipper Magazine discontinued their school calendar division, the district made the decision to invest in a mobile app due to the high cost of producing a calendar similar to what was supplied to us by Clipper at a very reasonable cost. We do publish monthly calendars on our website. From my experience they are easily read and can be posted on refrigerators or other convenient locations. Here is a link:

  5. Robin Commero says:

    I would like to see an option that provides a longer spring break- the kids have multiple vacations September through December but could use a longer spring/ Easter break to recharge.

  6. Megan Joyce says:

    Thanks for doing this. I think it would be helpful if you could summarize the differences between the 3 options; for example, I’m having trouble discerning the difference between options A and B. Thank you!

  7. Amber says:

    It really doesn’t matter to me, I actually used the Penn Manor app to insert all dates into my phone calendar. I feel that works best for me. The only thing I didn’t like about it was I had to do each day individually and everytime I would go back to do the next one it puts me back at the top of the page each time.

  8. Rita Rachor says:

    I prefer Option B… I realize they start early, but I think towards the end of the year, the kids are ready to break loose. Also, I like that the months that have weather-makeup days, only have ONE WMUD. I think that would be easier to handle than multiple within a month if they needed to be utilized.
    Thanks for the options & the chance to choose.

  9. Bernie Hershey says:

    Thanks for including parents in the discussion. For my daughter, and her friends, summer is a time of busy activities. 4H and ag activities start the second week of June. Summer jobs start even before. And she usually gets in a week of church mission work! Please do not extend the school year past the second week of June.

  10. Mike Leichliter says:

    Thank you for your comment. I have added a comparison for you.

  11. Bobbie Sue Heistand says:

    I agree with Ms. Hershey. I believe moving the last day of school to the week of the 12th would cause hardship to many families. My children as well participate in camp, recitals, etc. That would he effected by a later end to school. Thank you for considering the parents opinions in this matter.

  12. Cathy DeVinney says:

    Thank you for including the comparison. It is helpful. I personally like A or B, but whatever you choose will be just fine!

  13. Mike Leichliter says:

    You are welcome!

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