Update on 2016-2017 School Calendar

Thank you for your input on the calendar.  Based on the feedback, I discussed the options last night with the School Board and recommended “Option A” which is the option most similar to the 2015-2016 calendar.  The board will formally vote on the recommendation at their next meeting on February 16th.  Thanks for your input and your comments.  The comments were very helpful.  Here is a file of the proposed calendar: 2016-2017Calendar Penn Manor – Proposed 2.1.2016

Here is a summary of the overall preferences for each option:

Faculty (101 responses)

Option A – 60%
Option B – 35%
Option C – 5%
Staff (9 responses)

Option A – 67%
Option B – 33%
Option C – 0%
Parents/Community (88 responses)
Option A – 62%
Option B – 19%
Option C – 19%
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