May 29

It is hard to believe, but today is your last day of second grade! I am so sad that we aren’t together to celebrate all that you have learned this year. I am so very, very proud of each and every one of you with how well you have continued to learn from home. We had many wonderful days together at school, and so many fun Google Meets and online learning opportunities as well. You are amazing students!

Here is what you have been waiting for, the final chapter of A to Z Mysteries: April Fools’ Fiasco. I hope you enjoy it!

I have one more Reading Rainbow episode for you. This one is all about Summer. Your summer is just beginning! Click here to see what Levar has to share about Summer.

Although our time has finished
Our smiles will never fade
We won’t forget
The handprints left
On memories we have made

Thank you so much for a wonderful school year. I have had so much fun being your teacher, and I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. Remember to always do your best and to be kind to others. Believe in yourself, because I will always believe in you! I am very proud of you. Have a great summer!

Mrs. Leisure

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May 28

Hello, friends!
I can’t believe that it is Thursday. It isn’t just any ordinary Thursday, it is National Hamburger Day! Hamburger day is a made-up holiday for the delicious hamburger. Maybe you ate a hamburger at a picnic over the weekend. Lots of people enjoy eating hamburgers, some people like to pile on the toppings, while others like to eat it plain. How do you like your hamburger?

Speaking of food, what do you like to eat? Does the way something looks help you decide if you will eat it or not? Check out this Scholastic News all about wacky foods. Remember to use our code “mapdust6050” if you would like to play the game and do some of the extras that go along with the magazine.

I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying our chapter book! I can’t wait to see what happens next. Click here to view chapter 13 of A to Z Mysteries: April Fools’ Fiasco.

I loved seeing some of you yesterday at our Google Meet. Don’t forget, we will have our final one of the school year tomorrow at 9am! I hope you were able to have fun with making a model for science yesterday. I saw some pictures of what you are creating, and I am really impressed! Keep up the great work!

Don’t forget to check out the Enrichment and Extension pages on this blog – lots of activities, movies, Reading Rainbow episodes, and Scholastic News opportunities. They are great for a rainy day.

Have a terrific Thursday!

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May 27

Hello, Friends!
I hope you had fun learning about and making paper airplanes yesterday. It can be fun to do with your family!

Today is National Sunscreen Day! Sunscreen is very important when you are spending time in the summer sun. Click here for a great Scholastic News magazine all about the history of sunscreen! If you log in as a “student” with our class password “mapdust6050” you can watch a video, play a game, and have other resources to go along with the magazine, just like when we were in school. After you learn all about sunscreen, make sure you remember to use it when you go outside, especially if you go to the beach! You can watch this Magic School Bus Episode – Magic School Bus Goes to Mussel Beach and learn all about mussels and other ocean creatures you may find at the beach.

Are you ready for the next installment of our chapter book? Click here to listen to chapters 11 and 12 of A to Z Mysteries: April Fool’s Fiasco. What do you think will happen next? I’m in suspense! Will they solve this mystery? Who did it?

Smalls is ready to get out of his tank and start the day. He has a full schedule of stair climbing, roaming around the house, and sitting on his windowsill to get to! I hope you have a great day learning, reading, and playing.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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May 26

Hello, Friends!
Happy Tuesday. I hope that you had a wonderful holiday with your family.

Today is National Paper Airplane Day!
Making paper airplanes is a fun activity – and all you need is a piece of paper! Watch this YouTube video all about paper airplanes – how to make them, and what the science is behind them! Click here to watch How to Make a Paper Airplane. Make a plane of your own and try it out! If you want to know more about the science of flight, check out this Magic School Bus episode – The Magic School Bus Taking Flight. Then you can watch Levar Burton and this classic Reading Rainbow Episode: Bored, Nothing to Do.

Were you left in suspense over the weekend, wondering what will happen next in our chapter book? Click here for the next chapter. I wonder if the kids will solve this mystery!

Smalls had a great time in the sunshine yesterday. We hope that you all had time to play outside in the sunshine.
I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

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May 22

Happy Friday, Friends!
I hope you’ve had fun learning this week. I loved the moon pictures, setting pictures, and all of the math work that you have sent me this week. Keep up the good work!

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. As you know, Memorial Day will be celebrated this year on Monday, May 25th. We studied this holiday as part of our National Symbols and Holidays unit. Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of the summer season. Be sure to put your flag out this weekend! If you are interested, here is a video you can watch to remind you all about what we learned about Memorial Day. I know our celebrations will be different this year, but you can still celebrate with your family.

Our chapter book, A to Z Mysteries: April Fools’ Fiasco is really exciting! Click here for chapter 8. What you do think will happen next?

In honor of the holiday weekend, here is a special Reading Rainbow episode for you: Reading Rainbow: My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States. Enjoy!

Have a fabulous Friday, and a marvelous holiday weekend with your family. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures!

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