• Book orders are due TOMORROW. You can order online or send in a paper order form with payment.
  • Tuesday students will have reading homework, they should read “Neighborhood News” in the large reading book
  • Wednesday is Fire Prevention Day! Wear Red and/or yellow and BOOTS to support our firefighters. Bring in loose change to “Fill the Boot” in our lobby. All donations go to West Willow Fire Department.
  • We will have our spelling test on Wednesday. Lesson 5 is a review lesson, so the words will be randomly selected from the list of all words from lessons 1-4. Be sure to practice them all! If you lost your list, the words are posted on our class blog.
  • Students will have spelling homework on Thursday. Please remind your child that neatness matters! They are reminded to form letters correctly with correct sizing on the lines when writing the spelling words.
  • Friday is our school district pink out – wear pink!
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Lesson 5 Spelling Words – Test on Wednesday 10/9

Lesson 5 is a review lesson. This is the list of the 40 regular spelling words and 20 challenge spelling words from lessons 1-4. There will be a standard 10 word spelling test with 5 challenge words. The words will be randomly selected from this list. You must spell all 10 regular words correctly to earn extra credit from the challenge words.

Lesson 1           Lesson 2           Lesson 3              Lesson 4

flag                       not                        same                      see

fin                         best                      kite                       please

ran                        run                        home                      need

has                        job                        plate                      deal

fill                         bed                       ride                       sleep

sat                        spot                      rope                       mean

list                        get                       race                       green

sit                         mud                       rule                       clean

bag                        ten                        broke                      keep

win                        duck                       tune                       eat

Challenge Words
*You must earn 100% on the regular words to earn extra credit points for challenge words

picnic                    helmet                   mistake                      teapot

plastic                   puppet                   bedtime                      beehive

rabbit                    rotten                   homemade             seaweed

fabric                    subject                  classmate              peanut

napkin                    contest                 notepad                     mealtime

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It is hard to believe that October begins next week!
Your child will be bringing home the October calendar today. Please be sure to look for it.

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Handwriting is important!

We are working very hard to make sure our handwriting is neat and readable in second grade. We have to write to share ideas and what we have learned, so it is important that our readers can read what we are writing. We are focusing on the following:

  • Proper use of capital letters – only at the beginning of a sentence or for a proper noun
  • Proper sizing – short letters fill the bottom section, tall letters fill the entire section
  • Proper letter formation – if a letter is sloppily formed, sometimes we can’t tell what letter it is supposed to be. Is it a sloppy a or a letter u? Is it an n or an h?
  • Proper use of punctuation – all sentences must end with a proper punctuation mark
  • Letters and numbers must face the correct direction

We practice our handwriting every day, especially when we write our spelling words. When you have your child practice spelling words at home, please make sure he/she is forming letters with appropriate sizing and spacing.

Here are some handwriting resources if you would like extra practice at home:
And you can even make your own worksheets here:

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Early Dismissal on Friday, September 27

Just a friendly reminder that we will have an early dismissal on Friday, September 27. Students will be dismissed at 1:30.
If your child’s dismissal routine will change due to the early dismissal, please remember to send in a note to inform us of the change.

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