Info for Parents

The school days are based on a 4 day cycle.  The first day of school was day A and it continues through D for the entire school year.  If you are wondering what day it is you can check the homework outline that is sent home every Friday.  Our special schedule is as follows:

Day A – Music
Day B – Applied Engineering – 1st semester, Library Instruction – 2nd semester
Day C – Physical Education – wear sneakers
Day D – Art

Language Arts

We use a language arts program called StoryTown. Daily lessons include phonics, vocabulary building, high frequency word work, spelling, writing, and reading instruction. We have “Reading Club” everyday when the children will be able to select their own reading materials to enjoy. During this time I will conference individually with students. We will also use trade books for building a love of reading and for developing a better understanding of quality literature.

Writing is an important part of second grade. During writing our primary goal will be to get our thoughts and ideas down on paper in an organized and meaningful manner. We will strive to become accurate spellers while we build our punctuation, capitalization and grammar skills. Writing time will be made up of mini-lessons from our Language Arts curriculum, individual conferences, and writing time. The students will have several opportunities to “publish” their work throughout the year. We will be writing personal narratives, informational pieces, mini reports, letters, thank you notes, invitations, and poems.

Spelling lists will be pre-tested for every lesson. Spelling lists will be assigned based upon the pretest. The spelling test date will be listed on the top of the word list.


During our math hour we will focus computation, concepts, applications, and problem solving activities. We will use many manipulatives to help develop a better understanding of mathematics so we can apply the skills to everyday life. The year begins with a review of numbers through 20 and addition and subtraction through 12. Place value through 100, and addition and subtraction facts through 20 follow this. We will also cover time and money, addition and subtraction of 2-digit numbers, geometry and fractions, measurement, multiplication and division readiness, place value through 1000, and addition and subtraction of 3-digit numbers.


Social studies and science are commonly called the content subjects.  We will be exploring how these subjects fit into our daily lives.  In social studies we will work on mapping and geography skills.  We will also study Native Americans and Pilgrims, National Symbols, Patriotic Symbols, Economics, and holidays around the world.

Science revolves around experiments and the scientific method.  We will learn how to make a hypothesis and test for results.  We will use the scientific method to study plants, animals, environment, energy, states of matter, solar system and phases of the moon, clouds and the water cycle, watersheds and wetlands.

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