Here are some great math resources for your second grader.

Skills Practice
A class favorite Johnnie’s Math Page
Addition games at KidsNumbers
Subtraction games at KidsNumbers
Math Playground

Basic Fact Practice
Practice Addition Facts – Be a Math Magician – Addition
Practice Subtraction Facts – Be a Math Magician – Subtraction
Print out mad minute practice pages – Here and  here

By the end of second grade all students should have mastered addition and subtraction facts through 9.

Second Grade Math Curriculum
Concepts and Skills covered in Second Grade:

Chapter 1 – Apply Addition & Subtraction Concepts

Chapter 2 – Number Patterns (skip counting)

Chapter 3 – Add Two-Digit Numbers

Chapter 4 – Subtract Two-Digit Numbers

Chapter 5 – Place Value to 1,000

Chapter 6 – Add Three-Digit Numbers

Chapter 7 – Subtract Three-Digit Numbers

Chapter 8 – Money

Chapter 9 – Data Analysis (Graphs)

Chapter 10 – Time

Chapter 11 – Customary (U.S.) and Metric Lengths

Chapter 12 – Geometric Shapes and Equal Shares (Fractions)

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