Food/Snacks/Birthday Treats

In kindergarten we do not have a snack time, as our time together is very short.

Additionally, we will not be able to use any food items with students even if they are individually packaged. We are a “food free” classroom this year due to food allergies in the room.

We are aware that parents often want to send in snacks for birthday treats.  Birthdays will be celebrated with non-food treats. Pencils, erasers, stickers, and bookmarks are all great ways to commemorate your child’s special day. Another option is a “Reading Treat” – a book with your child’s birthday inscribed on the inside cover for our classroom library.

Water Bottles for Students

As we increase health and safety protocols for students who are learning in person this school year, we ask that each student comes to school with a refillable water bottle. Please label the refillable bottle with the student’s full name. Please send your child to school with a full water bottle. We do have a water filling station in the building that we can use as needed.

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