Laptop Agreement Form

The following letter was sent home today in your child’s home folder.

Dear Parents,

On Monday, November 18th, students will have the opportunity to begin bringing home their laptops if the Laptop Agreement form was signed and returned.  Today, we had the privilege of having Mrs. Keller join the 4th graders and talk to them about laptop management prior to them coming home. Every child received a heavy duty bag that they will keep their laptop in both at school and at home.  Mrs. Keller stated that the ONLY thing that should be going in the main part of the bag is the student laptop.  Students may put their accessories (charger, ear buds, wireless mouse, etc) in the front pouch of the bag. 

Some of the key items that were discussed:

  1. Students should come home on Monday and discuss rules and regulations with you first. It’s important to be up front about expectations from the beginning.
  2. If your “grandmom” was to come and look over your shoulder while you are working on your laptop, would she say, “Wow! That’s really cool!” or would she say, “Should you be doing that?” J Remember the laptop is used for SCHOOL RELATED activities. 
  3. Google chat and gmail are to be used for school purposes ONLY. 
  4. Your laptop should come to school FULLY CHARGED every morning.  Because of that, students may keep their chargers AT HOME.
  5. If students forget their laptop at home, there is a loaner they may borrow for the day if needed.  Students were made aware that if they forget their laptop, Mrs. Gwyn or Mrs. Suydam will be signing their planner as if it was a missed homework assignment. This will directly affect Monthly Marvel.
  6. If students are on a website, and someone they don’t know begins to chat with them, they were encouraged to show an adult right away, or take a screenshot of their computer to show an adult as soon as possible.
  7. If you have a pet, please work together to figure out the best place to house your laptop so your pet does not damage the bag, charger, etc. 

We ask that the first night your child brings home his/her laptop that you sit down and discuss the rules of the house regarding the laptop.  Example questions to discuss… Should the laptop come home every night? How long are they allowed to be on the laptop each night? Where should they be when they are on the laptop?  We shared with students that this will look differently at each house, and that’s okay.  The important part is having that conversation from the beginning of rules and expectations so everyone is on the same page. 

If you still did not return the Laptop Agreement form, you still may return it at any time.  We even told students that if as a family you decide now is not the time to return the form, you can surely wait until January or later to send it back.  Whenever the form comes back signed, the student is allowed to bring home the laptop that day beginning Monday, November 18th.

The students asked great questions today and are very excited to begin this journey!  We truly believe after today, the students are fully prepared and ready for this responsibility.  However, we did discuss that if they begin to abuse this privilege, or we realize that they are constantly forgetting at home, we will all come together (parents, student, and teacher) to conference how we should handle the situation.  

Thank you for your continued support with this transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email your child’s teacher. 

                                                                                    With appreciation,

                                                                                    Mrs. Suydam and Mrs. Gwyn

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Happy Friday!

First of all, we would like to THANK YOU for coming to your child’s conference and taking the time to meet with us. Communication is key, and we are in this educational journey together! We appreciate your continual support!!!

Here are some weekly reminders for next week:

****Next week is the last week to bring in canned sweet potatoes to help out the community.

****PICTURE RETAKES are on Wednesday, Nov. 13.

****Please remember to sign your child’s Weekly Work Envelope and Power Log this weekend!

We will be taking our Chapter 5, 2 digit by 2 digit Multiplication, Test next week. Please encourage your child to practice his/her basic math facts.

In reading, we are continuing to learn and identify the main idea and supporting details through various genres. Next week we will begin to read a neat narrative nonfiction entitled Grand Canyon: A Trail Through Time. Our Unit 2 assessment will be on November 20.

As always, please email or call if you have any questions or concerns. Have a SUPER weekend!

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Thanksgiving Donations

Every year Penn Manor School District assists families in need with Thanksgiving meals.  We would like to make this process more uniform across the district.  We will be collecting the food listed below between November 4th and Friday, November 15th.  If you have a child in one of these grades, please consider donating to help our community.

  • Kindergarten-boxed mashed potatoes
  • 1st grade-boxed stuffing
  • 2nd grade-canned corn
  • 3rd grade-canned green beans
  • 4th grade-canned sweet potatoes
  • 5th grade-canned cranberry sauce
  • 6th grade-canned gravy (NO GLASS)
  • 7th and 8th grades-cornbread or muffin mix-water based
  • 9th through 12th grades-anything on the list above

If your family is able and willing to provide more than is listed above and would like to make a monetary donation, please send the amount you choose by check to your child’s school secretary by November 15th.  Make your check payable to Penn Manor Family Fund and on the memo line write “Holiday Food Basket.”

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Weekly Reminders

Good Morning! It’s hard to believe that November is almost here! We hope you enjoyed the weekend with your family. Here are the reminders for this week:

Our Harvest Party is this Thursday, October 31, from 2pm-3pm.

There is NO SCHOOL this Friday, November 1st. Early Dismissals on November 6, 7, and 8.

For planning purposes, another conference form came home in weekly work envelopes on Friday. This allows us to better prepare for each individual conference. Please complete and return to school no later than Wed., Oct. 30th. We look forward to seeing you next week for conferences.

****Mrs. Suydam’s students need to bring in a small/medium sized pumpkin for the Harvest Party on Oct. 31.  Your child may bring in his/her pumpkin any day this week.

What’s going on in 4th grade this week?

Math: Students will get back their Chapter 4 Multiplication tests and complete test corrections. Please sign and return this test in their weekly work envelopes on Thursday. We will begin Chapter 5. This chapter continues with multiplication; however, the students will learn how to multiply a 2 digit factor by 2 digit factor. They have been working so hard and should be proud of their accomplishments.

Reading: Ask your child to tell you what’s the main idea! 🙂 We sing a fun song in class to help the students remember and determine this concept. This week we will read a story from the anthology entitled Dragons and Dinosaurs. Our goal is to comprehend identify the key details to determine the implied main idea. We will also have some fun learning our vocabulary words and comprehension. OCTOBER BOOK IT CALENDARS ARE DUE AT THE END OF THIS WEEK. The November Book It Calendars will be in weekly work envelopes this week.

There is NO SPELLING this week!

Science: Mrs. Gwyn’s class will take their Biology test on Tuesday, Oct. 29 and Mrs. Suydam’s class will take the test on Wednesday, Oct. 30. We will play a fun Kahoot review game this morning to review all concepts. Please make sure your child reviews the study guide and/or his/her science journal notes.

Social Studies: The students will be finishing up their Native American writing pieces this week. Be sure to check them out in the hallway when you come in for conferences. 

Have a SUPER week!!!

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Weekly Reminders

We hope you are staying dry on this dreary Tuesday. Here’s what’s going on in 4th grade this week. Thank you for taking the time to review this! 🙂

Reminder: This Friday, 10/25 is a 1:30 dismissal.

Thank you for those of you that returned the conference confirmation sheet. We look forward to meeting with each and every one of you in November. For planning purposes, another conference form will be coming home for you to complete this Friday. It allows us to better prepare for each individual conference.  Please complete and return to school no later than Wed., Oct. 30th.

****Mrs. Suydam’s students need to bring in a small/medium sized pumpkin for the Harvest Party on Oct. 31.  Your child may begin bringing in his/her pumpkin the week of Oct. 28.

***We are asking that each student bring in a flashlight or lighted object to use as a flashlight during Daily Read.

Mrs. Gwyn’s class will be having PJ and stuffed animal day this Thursday, 10/24 for their teamwork celebration.

Reading: This week, we began our next unit: Getting the Main Idea. For the next few weeks, we will be working with the students to practice writing the main idea of passages that we read. We already did some practice with picking the most important items from Mrs. Gwyn’s purse for her run, and what to put in Mrs. Suydam’s purse for the football game. Then, we listened to “Home” by Phillip Phillips and determined the most important words from that song. Next week, we will be singing that song and shared our most important lyrics at our All School Assembly.

Math:  We will be testing on Chapter 4–Multiplication Thursday and Friday this week. 

Science:  We will finish up our Biology Unit this week.  4G will take their Biology Test on Tuesday, Oct. 29 and 4S will take their Biology Test on Wednesday, Oct. 30.  Please use the study guide and science journal to review the concepts.

Social Studies: Students are working hard on their Native American writing pieces. Be sure to check them out in the hallway the week of conferences! 🙂

Spelling: Lesson 7 homework is due this Friday. The test on this lesson is Friday as well.

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Mrs. Gwyn’s Class Reward

Mrs. Gwyn’s class earned enough TEAMWORK points to spell “Batgirl.” The reward they chose was Pajama Day with stuffed animals. This will be held on Thursday, October 24th. Participation is optional – students can also choose to not wear pajamas and just bring in their favorite stuffed animal. Thank you for your help! Just a reminder – this is just for Mrs. Gwyn’s homeroom class.

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One day during each week, the students will have the opportunity to read with a flashlight during Daily Read. We are asking that each student bring in a flashlight or lighted object to use during this time. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher. We do have a few flashlights in the classroom if needed. It would be best that the flashlight stay at school for the remainder of the year.

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Weekly Reminders

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend with your family! This weather has been so beautiful! As the leaves begin to change and the temperature gets cooler, our students have settled into fourth grade and are doing a SUPER job!


***This week is Bus Driver Appreciation Week. Please encourage your child to show his/her appreciation to the bus driver. A half sheet went home today about ways to do this each day.

***PTO FALL FEST and SUB PICK UP is this Saturday, October 19.

Math: We have begun the Chapter 4 unit on Multiplication. The students are learning this concept through the CRA (Concrete, Representational, and Abstract) model. This allows the students to conceptually understand and build foundation blocks for the steps of multiplication. The goal of this chapter is for the students to multiply 2,3,4 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. Problem Solving will be incorporated throughout the chapter.

Reading: The students will finish up their Unit 1 Assessment on Characterization and Theme this Wednesday. We will then move onto Unit 2! The focus skill is Main Idea and our first story is entitled, Dragons and Dinosaurs. October Book It calendars are due at the end of the month. The requirement is 400 minutes for the month with parent signatures.

Spelling: All three Lesson 6 activities are due this Friday. We will take the Lesson 6 test on that day as well.

Writing: We have been learning about how to write more descriptive writing through the use of similes. This week we will learn about metaphors and identify the difference between the two. Students will then write a descriptive paragraph incorporating both a simile and metaphor.

Social Studies: The Native American test is on Thursday, October 17 for 4S and on Friday, October 18 for 4G. Please review the notes and flashcards in preparation for the test!

Science: This week we are discussing the life processes of respiration and digestion. The students will understand digestion while eating a little snack. 🙂 Be sure to ask your child about it later this week. To conclude this unit, we still need to learn about biological pests and fossils. Mrs. Gwyn’s homeroom will test on Tuesday, Oct. 29 and Mrs. Suydam’s homeroom will test on Wednesday, Oct. 30. Your child should be reviewing the study guide or making flashcards to review and prepare for the test. As always–if you have any questions, please reach out to me!

This Friday conference forms will be going home in the Weekly Work Envelope. Please sign the power log, WWE, and conference form and return on Monday.

Have a SUPER week!!! If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Suydam or Mrs. Gwyn. We are beyond proud of the students and their hard work! They truly are SUPERHEROES!!!

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Week at a Glance

Happy Wednesday!! We hope you are enjoying your week so far. Here’s what has been going on in 4th grade! This post is quite lengthy, so we appreciate the time you take to review what your student is doing this week and into next week. Thank you!

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Friday, October 11th: Pink Out Day – wear Pink!
  • Monday, October 14th: NO SCHOOL
  • Week of October 15th: Bus Driver Appreciation Week – do something nice for your bus driver.
  • Saturday, October 19th: PTO Fall Fest/Sub Pick-Up
  • Friday, October 25: 1:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, November 1st: NO SCHOOL
  • November 6th and 7th: Parent Teacher Conferences – More information will be coming home next week about when your conference.

Our Monthly Marvel ICE CREAM celebration is set for this Friday, October 11th. Thank you for donating ice cream toppings to help make our Ice Cream Social a SUCCESS! Please have any donations in by Friday morning.

Math: Last week, we finished up Chapter 3 “Understanding Multiplication and Division.” The students will be bringing home their Chapter 3 tests this weekend in their Weekly Work Envelopes. Please review the test, sign it, and return it in the envelope. We began Chapter 4 “Multiplying with One-Digit Numbers” this week, and will continue into next week.

Reading: This week, we are continuing to practice how to identify a theme of a story. We have been exploring traditional literature stories to help do this. The students are really enjoying all the different classic stories during read aloud. On Friday, the students will be taking their first unit assessment in reading. This unit was all about fictional story elements. We primarily focused on main characters and theme. Look for that test to come home next week in their Weekly Work Envelopes. Up next: Unit 2 – Understanding Main Ideas of Nonfiction Texts.

Spelling: We took a week off of spelling this week to focus on TDAs. Spelling will resume with Lesson 6 next week.

TDAs = Text Dependent Analysis – It’s a fancy way of saying we read a text, and then answer a prompt that requires us to dig deeper into the text. For example, instead of asking the students to identify all the characters of a story, a TDA might have them analyze the character traits that made a certain character successful. We only began the beginning stages of this writing process. This week, the students were introduced to how read the prompt and understand what is being asked, and then we began practicing how to write the first paragraph of our essays! They worked EXTREMELY hard on this!! We were very proud of their progress!!

Science: Our biology unit will be tested at the end of the month. Green study guides will be given to the students later this week. Please review the key terms with your child in preparation for the assessment.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our Native American unit. During class, we discussed ways to study for tests. The students were very interested in using flashcards to help them study. A sheet of questions for flashcards was given to all students on Tuesday. They were encouraged to either cut that paper up, write the answers on the back, and use them as flashcards, or make their own. **They have a packet of notes from class. If they bring that home to help create flashcards, they must bring it back to school. We need the packet for class.** Mrs. Suydam’s class will have their Native American test on Thursday, October 17th, and Mrs. Gwyn’s class will have their test on Friday, October 18th.

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PTO Sub Sales

The PTO Sub Sale orders and payment are due tomorrow, October 9th.  Please make all checks payable to “Ann LeTort PTO.”  

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