December 3rd – Weekly Reminders

Happy December!!! Here are some upcoming reminders:

Math–The students will test on Chapter 6, Long Division, on Wednesday and Thursday this week.  We have been working on this skill for a few weeks.  Your child continues to receive math homework Monday through Friday.  Please take time to briefly look over each assignment to make sure your child has completed it to the best of his/her ability.  If you notice your child is struggling to grasp any particular concept, encourage his/her to seek help or please email me.  The concepts in our math curriculum build on previously taught concepts so it is important that your child understand what is taught in math class each day in order to grasp future lessons.  

Reading – This week, the students began Unit 3- Understanding Non-Fiction texts.  We have had fun learning about all different text features.  I encourage you to read a magazine, almanac, newspaper, or any other informational book with your child and have them point out the text features we’ve been discussing!  The lesson we are working with this week is Lesson 16  – So You Want to Be an Inventor? We will focus a lot on inventions and how they affect our everyday lives.  Lesson 16 vocabulary quiz will be on Friday.  

Science–We are becoming meteorologists as the fourth graders learn about weather!  Ask your child to sing the CLOUD SONG to you. 🙂  A purple study guide has been given to each student to review for the upcoming weather test.  4S will take their test on Wednesday, December 12 and 4G will take their test on Thursday, December 13.  This week they will learn about the components of weather and various weather instruments.  Next–we move onto weather maps and how to understand/read them!

Social Studies – Students are creating Native American stories that are a hybrid of words and symbols! 4S stories are due on Wednesday, and 4G stories are due on Thursday. 

Writing–Please ask your child to sing the PREPOSITION SONG to you.  We have been working on identifying prepositions and prepositional phrases in class.  The students read THE GINGERBREAD PIRATES and went on a preposition hunt in the book.  Next, the students will create their own prepositional phrases drawing/hunt using different holiday pictures and phrases.

Spelling – Lesson 10 – This week is a review week.  If your student received a 100% on lessons 6-9, he/she will not participate in spelling this week as a reward!

***December 7 is the middle of the marking period.  Please check Sapphire at the end of the week to stay current with your child’s grades.  If there is an area of concern, you will be notified by Mrs. Suydam or Mrs. Gwyn.  

Please remember we are in this educational journey together! Please email or call us with any concerns or questions!

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