Weekly Update

Math- We are reviewing for Chapter 12 test today. In this chapter we learned about metric units and how to convert or solve problems using these measurements. We will be testing tomorrow. Ask your student some metric trivia!

Reading – Last week, we began a new unit – Tackling Multiple Texts. During this unit, we will be looking at two or more passages and finding similarities and differences between them. This week we are comparing and contrasting two texts, “Danitra Brown Leaves Town” and “Summertime Star Parties.” Both passages are located in the student anthology.

Spelling- This week we will be doing Daily Edit grammar for homework instead of spelling. There will be a quiz at the end of the week on the grammar concepts covered on the homework.

Science- We are beginning a new unit on magnets, electricity, and energy. The students are already full of questions and excited to learn more!

Social Studies – We begin our new unit on PA Government this week in preparation for our field trip to the state capitol! This field trip is planned for May 22nd. Paperwork for chaperones will be coming home within the next two weeks.

Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, March 26th 2:15 – 3:15 – Human Growth and Development for 4th Grade girls

April 3 – School Field Trip

April 8 – Report Cards will be coming home

April 15 – 17 ELA PSSAs

NO SCHOOL on April 19th and April 22nd

April 24-25 Math PSSAs

April 30 – May 1 Science PSSAs

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