All School Field Trip – TOMORROW

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Wednesday, is our All School Field Trip. We are asking that all students arrive to school on time so everyone is here when we are ready to leave.

Both Kindergarten classes will be attending school from 9:00 am – 11:35 am.
AM students – it is a normal school day, except the students will be on the field trip. PM students who are bus riders after school will be picked up by the bus in the morning. 

Both AM & PM students will be need to be picked up at the school at 11:35.  Pick up will be at the BACK of the school, NOT IN THE FRONT.  Parents should drive around back and follow the circle to the back door.  Staff members will bring the children out to your car. 

AM parents should have their child’s name tag in clear view.  PM parents should have their passenger side window down and be prepared to tell the staff member who you are picking up.

AM WRAP students will go to WRAP as usual.

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