Happy New Year!

Happy 2020! We hope your start to this new year has been wonderful thus far. We also hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday with your loved ones. Our time with our families was very special, but we are excited to be back with your children.

Here are some upcoming reminders for the week of January 6-10.

We will resume spelling this week. The activities and test for Lesson 13 will be on Friday, Jan. 10.

Students will be assessed on Chapter 7, Patterns and Sequences, on Thursday this week. Please continue to encourage your child to work on Prodigy each evening at home. This is a fun way to practice new skills and review previously taught skills.

In reading, we are continuing our nonfiction unit. The primary focus of this unit is identifying and understanding text features and text structures. We have been reading a variety of nonfiction texts and identifying various features and text structures. Our goal is for the students to understand why an author is writing a specific way or including a certain feature in the text to aide in our comprehension as readers.

We have begun our physics unit in science–ENERGY & ELECTRICITY. This is a fun unit for the students. Be sure to ask your child about the magnet activity they did early this week.

Students will have a Pennsylvania the Colony test in Social Studies at the end of next week. Study guides will be distributed to your students, tomorrow, Tuesday the 7th. Please make sure students are spending at least 5 minutes reviewing the concepts in order to prepare for the test.

On Friday, January 10, Letort is having an Inside Out Day. Let’s have some fun wearing our clothing inside out! Be creative!!! On Friday afternoon, the entire fourth grade will participate in Monthly Marvel. Please remind your child to bring a favorite board game!


There is a PTO MEETING on Tuesday, January 14th at 6:30 pm

As always, we THANK YOU for the bottom of our hearts for your continual support and sharing your amazing child with us every day!

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