What have your classmates been up to?

I hope these pictures brighten your day as much as they do for me! Keep them coming! Here’s what your friends have been up to during this past week.

Daisy spent some time on her grandparent’s farm that has alpacas. How fun!!
Annie created the coolest vision board! What a great idea!
Logan is enjoying quality time with her pug, Chewie!
Regan has enjoyed this beautiful weather and spent lots of time outdoors!
Regan and Maggie exploring their inner artist!
tire swing
Travis loves the tire swing! But, you’ll see in the next picture, he had a small accident. Don’t worry! He’s doing great!
Travis not letting his dislocated elbow get in the way of his gardening!
Sebastian taking a walk with the dog and watching for these early signs of spring!
Pierson spending some quality time with his cat.
Pierson working from home, like many of us!

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