Wow! We just wanted to take some time to THANK YOU for the incredible work you are doing! We know this new way of learning is certainly NOT easy! We feel it, too! We’d give anything to be back in our classrooms. But, THANK YOU to the students who are working hard to complete these assignments. THANK YOU to the parents who are supporting them through this. THANK YOU to the siblings who are helping out in any way. We’re in this together!

Please continue to submit your work to your teachers. Our advice for this week is try your best and give yourself lots of grace. We’re encouraging students to get done as much as they can in the next few days. When new assignments come out on Monday, April 20th, our expectation is that students focus on the new activities. Do not worry if you didn’t get through everything from the following week. Every family is different. Please continue to do what’s best for your family. Also, never hesitate to reach out if you need any assistance from us! Our emails are and We’re here to help!

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