Grading Guidelines for the Fourth Marking Period

The Penn Manor School District has developed a Continuity of Education plan to help students continue learning from home during the COVID-19 mandatory school closure. Learning activities have been developed to meet a variety of students’ needs, provide students with opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and understanding of content, and have students complete the curricula of the classes students are enrolled in during the Spring Semester.

The district’s intention is for students to be fully engaged in their learning and complete the activities for their classes as designated by their teachers. Teachers will provide students with ongoing feedback and recognize the quality of work that is being submitted. Teachers will provide feedback and acknowledge receipt of assignment.

Beginning the week of April 20, teachers will provide weekly instruction and activities covering new curriculum material. Students are to complete the weekly assigned activities and submit their product to the teacher through email or Google Classroom.

The teachers will continue to provide feedback to students on the work that is submitted. When the teacher determines a student has met the criteria of the activity an “R” for RECEIVED will be recorded in the Sapphire gradebook.

Students will not be receiving a Marking Period 4 letter grade.  The final grade for the class will be an average of grades for the first three marking periods of the year. For those students who were failing a class at the end of Marking Period 3, the work completed during Marking Period 4 may raise their grade to passing at the professional discretion of the teacher. If a student is in jeopardy for failing the course, the teacher should immediately report this to their principal to determine a course of action.

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