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Welcome to the PMHS Comet Chorus info center!  The Comet Chorus consists of three groups:  Full Chorus, Girls Chorus and Manor Singers. Our numbers have continued to grow greatly over the past few years which leads to a promising and exciting future for this program.  The Chorus is the large performing group, and the Manor Singers is the small auditioned group that performs/travels all over the area. The Girls Chorus is a course offered in the Spring. It consists of about 30-40 members and focuses on SSA repertoire.

All Full Chorus students and Manor Singers will receive a copy of the PMHS Choral Handbook  and will be required to sign the accountability statement as well.  Here are copies of the Full Chorus Handbook and Manor Singers Handbook for reference. Girls Chorus students should review the concert attendance policy in the Choral Handbook as the same rules apply.

Choral Handbook 2018-19

Manor Singers Handbook 2018-19

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