Friday Announcements!

This Friday is an early dismissal. We are also going to celebrate Decades Day! Come dressed in the attire of your favorite decade (1950s, 1960s, 1980s, 1990s, etc….).

Here are some fun ideas for ways to dress:

1950s: dress clothes for boys (bow tie!) and long skirts for girls; slicked back hair or pony tails.

1960s-1970s: Hippie clothes! Flower prints, head scarves, big sunglasses, bell bottom jeans

1980s: half-painted face makeup, crimped hair, mismatched jewelry, backwards jerseys, bright neon colors

1990s: over-sized T-shirts, jeans, flannel

Have fun!

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Book Fair is this week! We can shop today!

Good morning!

Just a reminder that the Book Fair is being held in our library all week. Students will have the chance to shop for books during library special this afternoon. Cash and credit cards are accepted, but not checks.

Students are also permitted to visit the book fair before school and during recess.

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Books and Brownies!

This Friday (5:30-7 PM), the library will be hosting a “Books and Brownies” event! Come out for a delicious dessert and shop the book fair for new books! Cash and credit cards are accepted, but no checks.

Next week, students will be able to shop for books during library instruction. We have library on Cycle Day B, which will be Monday.

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Research Paper for Social Studies!


Our scholars were each assigned to do research to learn about one of the 50 states in our country. Together we will learn how to use reference books and informational websites to find information about our states. This is a long term project that we will complete in class. We will be working together with Mrs. Bittenbender’s class. By the end of the unit, we will have research papers for all 50 states!

Here is the link to one of the websites we will be using.

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Picture Day Wednesday at 9:10 AM

Spring Picture Day is this Wednesday (3/6) at 9:10 AM.

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Week at a Glance

Hello families! Please remember to dress warmly for the weather– it is still winter!

Monday: Spelling lists go home

Tuesday: Music (bring your recorder!)

Wednesday: Sign Language Club for 5th and 6th graders

Thursday: Skate Night at The Castle. Free admission for students! Thanks, PTO!

Friday: Spelling Test Lesson 21

Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday, 3/10 (Spring forward one hour)

*Want to earn some extra credit?!?!* Bring in a tissue box and decorate it with vocabulary words, math facts, grammar tips, or other fun things we are learning about! Not only will you help us with hygiene, but you’ll also be teaching us some fun information!

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Last week in February

Good morning!

We have a busy week ahead, so cross your fingers that we will get to come to school all 5 days!

Monday: (Music)

Tuesday: (Library– book exchange day)

Wednesday: (Art) FIELD TRIP to the North Museum!

Thursday: (Gym) Math Test for 3-Gilbert

Friday: (Music) EARLY DISMISSAL at 1:30. Spelling Test lesson 20. CULTURE POSTERS DUE for social studies unit.

Here are the review words for this week’s spelling lesson:

1. form 2. wore 3. fourth 4. soar 5. warn 6. perfect 7. girl 8. burn 9. work 10. earth 11. bigger 12. finest 13. lonely 14. refill 15. dishonest

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The third time’s a charm?

We are going to try again to make the field trip to the North Museum. We plan to go next Wednesday, February 27. Please plan your lunches accordingly. A reminder will be sent home next week as well.

Cross your fingers that we don’t have any more surprise snow storms!

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Career Day!

Dear families,

We have been talking a lot about careers, and how our interests, hobbies, and talents can help us decide what sort of career we might like to pursue. Friday is “Career Day” at Hambright. Students are encouraged to dress as their chosen career. For example, a chef might wear an apron and carry a mixing bowl. A carpenter might wear jeans and a tool belt. A teacher might have an ID badge and a dry erase marker.

I am looking forward to seeing all of the unique costumes on Friday!

<3, Ms. G.

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I think the Groundhog was mistaken…

Parents, be sure to check the weather forecast for tomorrow. IF we should have a delay or a cancellation on THURSDAY due to the weather, then we will postpone our field trip yet again. If this whole thing blows over, then our field trip will commence as planned.

Just a reminder that we are studying the following spelling words for Friday’s test:

  • 1.undo
  • 2.redo
  • 3.dislike
  • 4.react
  • 5.refill
  • 6.uneasy
  • 7.reread
  • 8.unlike
  • 9.remove
  • 10.dishonest
  • 11.unhappy
  • 12.rebuild
  • 13.displease
  • 14.uncover
  • 15.rewrite
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