Winter Assembly, December 21

Dear families,

The Hambright Winter assembly will be our All School Opening on next Friday, December 21.  I know that some parents would like to attend, and you are welcome!  Although we do not know the exact times of each student group performance, third graders will be Signing “Holiday Song” in ASL around the middle of the assembly.  If we begin at 9:15, then it is likely that third graders will Sign sometime around 9:45-10:30.  Again, this is an approximation.  

We are going to ask that the song performance be filmed, and I will do my best to post a link to the video.  If you are unable to attend but would like to watch the performance, we will try to make that possible.

Yesterday we had our class reward celebration!  I hope the students told you about all of the fun things we did.  After a morning of math and reading, students constructed Iroquois longhouses from folded paper, then “boarded the train” to watch “The Polar Express” movie.  We enjoyed popcorn, juice, candy canes, and ice cream from Mr. Harnish and his cows!  After the movie, we all went outside to play. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the teamwork we have been building together this year!

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Class reward!

We earned all of our classroom “gumball” points! We earn these for working together, collaborating as a community, and meeting goals.  The students voted, and chose to celebrate with a movie and a snack, as well as a pajama day.  

Tomorrow (Thursday), students are encouraged to wear their PJs to school, and they may bring a small blanket and a small stuffed animal if they would like.  We will be watching a wintry movie and enjoying popcorn and ice cream.  Students are permitted to bring along a personal beverage (please, no sodas), and I will also provide some Capri Sun juices.

Congratulations on a well-earned celebration!

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Welcome back!

Wow, the month of November has flown past us, almost as quickly as the wind!  Please remember that it IS cold outside, and students should be dressed appropriately for the weather.  Pajamas worn under pants are a great way to protect from the cold wind.  Hats, scarves, and gloves are good ideas, too.  (You can wear socks on your hands if you don’t have mittens– that’s what Ms. G. does!)  PLEASE WEAR A COAT.  If you are having trouble getting a coat, let me or Mrs. Hinkle know.  We can help, and we’re all in this winter together.  :)

It’s a shorter week, but we still have spelling.  Here are your spelling words so you can practice them at home.

  1. title
  2. table
  3. uncle
  4. apple
  5. cable
  6. bubble
  7. beetle
  8. rattle
  9. purple
  10. little
  11. middle
  12. simple
  13. saddle
  14. trouble
  15. scribble

Challenge words are: twinkle, scrambled, sprinkle, buckled, tablecloth.

Do you notice the pattern?  (They all end in -le.)

We are going to start practicing our song for the Winter Assembly.  Third graders learn “Holiday Song” by the Indigo Girls and perform it in Sign Language.  More information will be coming soon!

In Math, we are beginning Chapter 4 and learning the first steps for division.

This week’s Story Town story is called “Loved Best”, and is realistic fiction.  We will be focusing on the skill of understanding plot.  We will apply what we learn about a story’s plot to writing summaries of what we have read.  

In grammar we are finishing our unit on nouns.  Soon we will be learning about adjectives.  All of our grammar lessons support our independent writing, as we continue to learn how to make our writing more interesting.

I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving.  I am glad you are back!

~Ms. G.

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Mitten Tree!

You may donate new gloves, scarves, hats, and mittens of all sizes and colors!

Dear Families,
Our annual Mitten Tree will be set up in the Hambright lobby. Let’s synergize and fill our tree with mittens, hats, scarves and gloves that will be donated to families in need. All sizes from infant to adult will be accepted. Donations must be new and are due by Friday, December 21. Thank you for helping to keep Penn Manor families warm this winter!  

As a reminder, this week is a shorter week because of the Thanksgiving holiday.  We have school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Wednesday is an early dismissal, and students will be released to buses at 1:30.  We do not have school on Thursday, Friday, or next Monday.  I will see everyone back at school on Tuesday, November 27.

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Early Dismissal TODAY at 12:15!!

Due to the weather, we are dismissing Hambright students to buses at 12:15.  Please call the office with any concerns you may have.

Be safe, friends!

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Veterans Day and announcements

Yesterday was Veterans Day, and today we at Hambright will honor our community veterans by wearing red, white, and blue.  We will also have the opportunity to show our appreciation to family veterans who will participate in the Veterans Walk this morning.  

Last week, we made cards to mail to veterans who are currently serving our country in the National Guard.  We will mail the letters today along with some treats, just in time for Thanksgiving.  If you would like to donate a bag of candy or sunflower seeds, I will see that the treats gets included in the package.

We are still collecting canned green beans for our family harvest!  Thank you to those who have been able to contribute to the bounty.  If you have a can of green beans and are able to share, we will be accepting the donations through next Wednesday.  All collected food items will go to feed our Hambright families at Thanksgiving.

Finally, we have two upcoming spelling tests.  This week’s spelling test will be on Friday, and we will have a review unit test next week before the holiday break.  Students will have word work this week, but not next week.

This week’s spelling words are:

  1. spray
  2. street
  3. sprint
  4. stripe
  5. screen
  6. strong
  7. spring
  8. stray
  9. scream
  10. strike
  11. spread
  12. string
  13. sprout
  14. scratch
  15. stream
  16. strangers
  17. describe
  18. strength
  19. destroy
  20. instruct

The last five words are challenge words.  Students may earn 1% extra credit for each challenge word they spell correctly.  There is no consequence for a misspelled challenge word, so it is always worth it to try the challenge.

Reading tests are coming home! Parents, remember that students may choose to make corrections to their reading tests for 1/2 credit.  This will help with concept mastery, and also improve grades.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Stay warm, friends!  Remember, pajama pants under school pants are excellent leg warmers! Remember to also check the lost-and-found for misplaced coats, hats, scarves, and gloves!

~Ms. G.

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How will you spend your extra hour today?

Daylight Savings Time ended today, and we all had to “fall back” one hour.  Red Fern woke up at her normal 5:00 AM time, but with the time change it was really 4:00 AM, so we went right back to sleep after her morning walk.  When I woke up again, I thought about how I wanted to spend my extra hour today.

There are a million and one things that I *need* to do: laundry, dishes, raking leaves, grading tests, preparing for conferences… but I decided to postpone all of that.  Today I sat outside with a mug of hot tea, Red Fern drooling on my lap (all 60 pounds of her), and looked up at the sky.  We had a big storm this weekend, and the wind pushed away the clouds to reveal a remarkably blue sky, a few wispy white clouds drifting lazily above the tree branches.  My neighbor’s ginko tree seemed to have turned bright gold overnight, and the maple trees were pink and red.  Two hawks circled us overhead, occasionally crying out.  Grey squirrels, plump in preparation for cold days ahead, scurried in the fallen leaves, looking for nuts.  My cats, Charlie and Sa’nu, sat inside looking out the window, blinking at the bright sunlight.  It was a perfect hour.  

How will you spend your extra hour today?


Ms. G.

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Just kidding…

With it being a short week, we are going to move the lesson 8 spelling test to next week.  

Also, we are 5 “dots” away (we call them gumballs) from reaching our class points goal.  Should we reach the goal before Thursday, then I will cancel the reading test, cancel the vocabulary test, and we will watch a movie instead.  (*Wink-wink*)

Parents, the movie is rated G, is based off of one of the books we have read together this year, and is not thematically linked to Halloween.  However, if you would like your child to not watch the movie, please just let me know (an email or a note is fine) and I will make sure that your child has the opportunity to help in another classroom.  

Lastly, yesterday we talked as a class about recognizing when we have more than what we need, and how to share with others.  We used the floor pillows as an example.  When someone joins our group, we want them to feel welcome.  If I have more than one pillow, I should offer the extra to our new group member.  We also talked about how many, many of us won’t have enough to eat this weekend, and won’t have food to share at Thanksgiving.  One way that we can help is to share our bounty.  Third grade is collecting canned green beans to be donated to the Thanksgiving baskets for families in need.  If you have an extra can of green beans (any brand, any size, but no glass jars, please), we thank you for considering making a donation to our students and Hambright families.

Happy Halloween!

Ms. G.

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Spelling for next week

Next week is a shorter week, so the spelling test will be on Thursday.  In case you have a student eager to prepare, here are next week’s spelling words:

Lesson 8

  1. foil
  2. loud
  3. gown
  4. coil
  5. house
  6. annoy
  7. growl
  8. moist
  9. enjoy
  10. round
  11. spoil
  12. mouse
  13. clown
  14. bounce
  15. cowboy
  16. eyebrows
  17. voyage
  18. boiling
  19. cloudy
  20. avoid

Have a great weekend!

Ms. G.

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Red Ribbon Week~

Don’t forget, next week is Red Ribbon Week!  To celebrate making the decision to LIVE DRUG FREE, please wear the following:

Red Ribbon Week 10/22-10/26

22 – Wear your Favorite Sports Team (Team up against drugs!)

23-  Wear Orange (“Orange” you glad you don’t do drugs?)

24- Wear Red (Red Ribbon Pride)

25- Crazy Socks (Sock it to drugs!)

26 – Wear Jeans (Be a “jean-ius” and avoid drugs!)

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