I think the Groundhog was mistaken…

Parents, be sure to check the weather forecast for tomorrow. IF we should have a delay or a cancellation on THURSDAY due to the weather, then we will postpone our field trip yet again. If this whole thing blows over, then our field trip will commence as planned.

Just a reminder that we are studying the following spelling words for Friday’s test:

  • 1.undo
  • 2.redo
  • 3.dislike
  • 4.react
  • 5.refill
  • 6.uneasy
  • 7.reread
  • 8.unlike
  • 9.remove
  • 10.dishonest
  • 11.unhappy
  • 12.rebuild
  • 13.displease
  • 14.uncover
  • 15.rewrite
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