Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Kindergarten Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

AM Kindergarten


Bus Riders: Dismissed from buses at 8:50 AM

Upon entering the building, all kindergarten students wait in the lobby with Mrs. Kinser and Mrs. Glenn and are walked to class. Please do not park and walk your child to the front entrance, bus arrival is a very busy time. If you wish to drop your child off as a car rider please read below.

Car riders: The car rider drop off line is located on the garden side of the building, closer to Central Manor Church. Car riders can be dropped off at 8:50 AM. Please remain in your car when dropping your student off. Your child will have assistance to get to the kindergarten line that forms in the lobby. We ask that parents do not enter the building with their child. Thank you!


Students going to the YWCA WRAP program will be picked up at the classroom and escorted to the WRAP classroom located on our stage in the gym.

New for this year, all students must be promptly picked up at 11:35 AM from kindergarten on the garden side of the building, closer to Central Manor Church.

You will be directed by staff to form 2 lines, an inside line and an outer line. Mrs. Kinser’s students will have yellow dismissal car rider placards and Mrs. Glenn’s students will have blue placards. You will be provided with 2 car rider placard signs that must be visible to staff. These signs will have your child’s first and last name on them. Please display them in your passenger side window. All students will be walked and put into the back seat of cars. If you do not have your car rider placard you will be asked to pull off to the side and show ID to ensure the safety of your child.

PM Kindergarten


Drop-off for afternoon kindergarten is in front of Central Manor’s main entrance. Please form 2 lines, Mrs. Kinser’s class street side and Mrs. Glenn’s class school side, staff will help and direct you. At 12:50 PM Mrs. Kinser and Mrs. Glenn will assist your child from the vehicle and into the building, parents please remain in your cars. While you are waiting please refrain from allowing your child to hang out of the car window, this simply is not safe.


Mrs. Kinser, Mrs. Glenn and other school personnel will help with dismissal at 3:25 PM. The teachers will walk bus riders to their buses.

If your child is a car rider, he or she will be walked by school personnel to the car line on the garden side of the building, closer to Central Manor Church where you dropped them off for school. All students will be put into cars by staff before the car line is released. Please make sure you have your car rider placard displayed in your window so staff can identify which car to put students in. If you do not have a car rider placard you will be asked to pull aside and show ID. We also ask that all parents picking students up remain in their cars.

If you have a change to your regular pick-up/drop-off or need your child to be picked up by someone else, please notify your teacher and the school office at 717-872-1401.