September 13

  • IMPORTANT INFORMATION – For this week’s virtual lessons, each day you will have one assignment listed for each subject. However, when you open it to view the assignment, there will be several parts. Make sure you complete all parts of the assignment and then turn it in. This week we also start virtual content lessons. One day you will have social studies, and the other day you will have science. Please email Mrs. Ochs with any social studies questions and Mrs. Graham with any science questions.
  • WEDNESDAY – On Wednesday, both Mrs. Graham’s Group A and Group B will join a required, combined Google Meet from 9:00 – 11:30 am. In order for both groups to be combined, we will NOT use the links in Google Classroom. Instead, right before 9:00 students should open a new tab and click on the “waffle” (the nine dots) in the top right corner of the screen. Next they go down to “Meet” and click on that. Then they will click where it says “+ Join or start a meeting”. The meeting code we will use will be “4g”. So students should type the number 4 and a lowercase g (with no space between) and click “Continue”. Then they will click “Join now”. (We practiced in school but these are the steps to help students remember.) Part way through the Google Meet, Mrs. Ochs and Mrs. Graham will switch Meets to teach the other class their subjects. Students will then have virtual work to complete Wednesday afternoon.
  • MONARCHS – Last week we started raising monarchs in our classroom. We have a large cage that now has six chrysalises and a caterpillar that should go in to a chrysalis this week. We are looking forward to seeing our monarch butterflies emerge from their chrysalises in about two weeks! 🙂
  • Virtual Back to School Night – You can view our Meet the Teacher videos here: Back to School Night
  • Group A & B Laptop Permission –some students are bringing home the laptop agreement packet again for parents to complete. On the last 2-sided page of the packet, please complete the “Agreement for District Laptop Use” page if you are OK with your child bringing his/her laptop home (I outlined that page with green). Do NOT complete the back page titled, “Addendum to Agreement for District Laptop Use”. Return just the last 2-sided page to school. Thank you:)