Friday, September 25

Math (group B) chapter 1 test is in your child’s envelope:)

Our first spelling test is Thursday, October 1, for the B group and Tuesday, October 6, for the A group. Students have been and should continue to use Spelling City to practice. The Lesson 1 list is on Spelling City.

We are having some students not completing all virtual work on their days at home. In order to view ALL assignments on Google Classroom, make sure to click view more at the end of the assignment list or check the To Do list located on the left-hand side under TOPICS. FYI: if students are not completing virtual assignments in the allotted time, they will be marked as absent and unexcused and will be in at lunch/recess to complete those assignments.

We started our classroom management program this week. Please look over our Classroom Community on ClassDojo paper, and sign up using the code. *If you are a two-household family and would want/need your child’s code (you are able to share the code with one another), email me and I will send you the code. All students will start out the week with 15 Dojo points:

  • 5 homework points—all classes (after-school work and virtual work)
  • 5 responsibility points—i.e., having writing utensils, notebook, a charged laptop
  • 5 behavior points—i.e., attentiveness, on-task, following rules/directions

If students have trouble in any of the above areas, parents will receive a message through the Dojo app, and a corresponding point will be taken away from the student’s weekly total.  We find that the point system helps keep both students and parents aware of all the positives, as well as any areas that need improvement. In addition, if a student is recognized for doing something special, like a kindness or going above and beyond, they will be given a bonus ticket. Once a week, five (5) bonus tickets per group will be drawn, and those students will be awarded an extra Dojo point. At the end of each month, students can use their Dojo points to purchase various items/privileges.

  • In order to go over the weekly Social Studies and Science assignments with the students, we will post both on Wednesdays after the Google Meet. Students will not have any additional math or reading assignments that day.
  • October 5 (A group) or 8 (B group)–picture day
  • October 9–early dismissal (1:30 pm)
  • October 12–No school (Columbus Day)
  • October 23–virtual assembly–Rainforests
  • November 3–End of M.P. 1
  • November 4–virtual assembly “Agents of Safety”
  • November 6–No School (teacher in-service)