Wednesday, September 30

This week is our last week of Library Instruction for our special. Next week our class (Groups A & B) will start Physical Education, and they will have it every day for 21 school days. Mr. McCabe will be our PE teacher this year. Please read his message below and come prepared next week. Thank you! 🙂

Dear Conestoga Families, 

Due to COVID-19 protocols and some restrictions that we are facing, the Elementary Physical Education Department has created a list of recommendations to ensure that all students can be successful and enjoy their P.E. experience as much as possible. Please help your student(s) to remember the following recommendations when they are participating in their Physical Education rotations: 

– Wear sneakers for P.E. 

– Bring an extra pair of shoes for after PE (in case they get wet outside). – Bring an extra pair of socks (in case they get wet outside). 

– Bring a plastic bag to put wet items in a backpack (keeps other items dry/fresh). – Bring/wear outer layer(s) appropriate for the weather conditions. 

– Bring a personal water container clearly labeled with student name (no glass, please). * Students are expected to practice social distancing during Physical Education. * Equipment usage and sharing will be limited. 

* Please be aware that Physical Education classes will be held outside every day when possible, based on the school’s weather policy. 

I am so excited about this new P.E. 

rotation and to meet and connect with 

the students at Conestoga Elementary in 

P.E. class! 

If you have any further questions, 

please contact me directly at the e-mail 

address, below. 


Mr. McCabe 

Physical Education Teacher 

Conestoga Elementary School