April Update

Elementary School

The characters created by the 2nd and 3rd graders are coming to life as they write their narratives. Just to name a few, we have an adorable beagle puppy named Shadow who desperately wants to live with his best friend Daisy. A talented character named Danny the Dictionary who is about to face the competition of her life. A desk lamp named Mr. Cline Cline, and Gary the Gekko whose goal is to win gold in mountain climbing in the Olympics. The imagination of these kiddos is inspiring!

Student writers are hard at work thinking about…

  • Grammar, spelling, and punctuation. …
  • Concise language. …
  • Writing for their audience.
  • Finding their voice and
  • Organization and structure.

Vocabulary Showcase.

Intermediate grades selected one of the many vocabulary topics studied in class and created a final presentation. Students demonstrated what they learned by sharing a project they completed earlier in the unit and designing an activity to engage the class. Presentations topics included phobias, antonyms, homophones, idioms, and Greek and Latin root words and were shared using Google Slides, Blooket, and Canva.

Students learned far more than the topic of their presentations. They experienced first hand the importance of being prepared, how to project a presentation from their computers, time management, and public speaking.

Middle School

Students were put into engineering design teams and charged with designing and building a chair lift out of everyday materials. The chair had to carry a ping pong ball up a rope from the valley to the mountain and back down without falling out of the chair. All teams completed the project successfully!

Together teams reviewed the challenge, brainstormed, built prototypes, and tested their designs. As the project unfolded it was obvious to see which students gravitated towards Engineering Habits of Mind such as problem-finding, visualizing, improving, creative problem-solving and adapting. Many fields demand these types of skills such as Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering. It’s never too early for students to notice what they are curious about and what aligns with their way of thinking. Who knows? These observations may lead to the next challenge, class, or potential career.

Women in STEM Conference

Millersville University offered it’s 34th Annual Glenna Hazeltine Women in STEM conference on Tuesday April 5th, 2022. The keynote presentation was given by Dr. Nicky Fox, Heliophysics Division Director in the Science Mission Directorate NASA Headquarters, Washington D.C.

The conference is designed to encourage young women in grades 7-12 to pursue education and a career in mathematics and sciences. Professional women in STEM fields met with the girls to describe their professional duties, educational backgrounds, and the benefits of of STEM professions.

The four young women from Marticville Middle School selected to attend the conference were Claire Mincemoyer, Gianna Menaquale, Kaylie Eshbach, and Natasha Wee. They attended presentations by engineers, biologists, chemists, and health professionals.

From left to right: Gianna, Natasha, Kaylie, and Claire

IU 13 Summer Camps: Grades 1-10

The IU is thrilled to share the 2022 IU13 summer camp offerings. They offer unique opportunities for fun and learning that are designed to meet the needs of advanced and gifted learners. This summer, they are focusing on technology (Spheros and Ozobots) and environmental education.  All camps will be face-to-face with tech camps being held at IU13 in Lancaster led by Judy Trusz and environmental camps being held at Lancaster County Central Park with Naturalist Lisa Sanchez.

Last summer, they had an amazing inaugural family camp day as parents attended with their children. They don’t know who loved it more–the kids or the adults who attended with them. They are offering three one-day family camp experiences at Lancaster County Central Park.

Summer Enrichment Camp Descriptions