Gifted Support Update: Elementary Families Only

We have an exciting year planned for students in grades K-6! Here’s what you can expect this school year.


  • Gifted Support Teachers (GST) will begin K-2 pull out services in home school.
  • GST will meet one on one (or small groups) with students in grades 3-6 in home school.


  • Grades 3-4 cohort will begin October 1st.
  • Grades 5-6 cohort will begin October 2nd.
  • GST will support classroom teachers and serve as a resource to enrich and extend grade level curriculum.

Each building will have a Gifted Support Teacher available to collaborate with General Education teachers  to help meet student needs in the classroom. GSTs will also be available to meet one on one with students as needed.

Please read this parent letter for important details and print off the list of Cohort Meeting Dates.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.


Amy D’Amico

Lori Orihuel

Steve Sellers

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Welcome Back!

The first day of school can be exciting and anxiety producing all at the same time. Although this is not an official welcome back blog post (with details, dates, and specifics about the upcoming year), I thought this article was timely. I hope your kiddos are having a great first day of school. – Mrs. Orihuel

15 Tips for Back to School Anxiety

I receive a weekly email from Child Mind Institute offering articles that address topics that impact our children. This week’s topic is Setting Limits With Video Games. There are some great articles in this weeks collection!

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FREE Conference: Mindful Parenting of High Needs Kids

“Happily Family” Online Conference Starts Thursday
Please join Dr. Dan Peters for the Happily Family Online Conference for parents and professionals about Mindful Parenting of High Needs Kids! This is a FREE global online event from May 16-20, bringing together over 25 speakers,
including Dr. Dan Siegel and Dr. Christine Carter, to talk about how to raise kids who are spirited, sensitive, or strong willed. You’ll hear inspirational ideas and
practical tools to help kids to do their best, make and keep friends, be confident
and self-motivated. Let’s make parenting less work and more fun! Register for
the FREE conference

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Teacher For The Day!

I’m Anna and I’m in second grade at Eshleman Elementary School. Today I did a presentation on fossils and minerals. I shared what I learned with my friends. First, I showed them these examples of fossils and minerals.

Then, I showed them my diorama.

The last thing we did was an activity where students pretended they were paleontologists. They had to make up an animal and draw part of it as a fossil and then draw a picture of what the animal probably looked like in it’s habitat. Finally, they wrote about a day in the creature’s life. This is my example of what my friends had to do.

It’s a mix between a bunny and a chameleon.

I liked being the teacher for this project.

Me teaching.
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Is it all right to feel proud of your gifted child?

This article, Is it all right to feel proud of your gifted child?, reminded me of the many conversations I’ve had with parents (and students) about their children’s accomplishments. The paragraph below resonated with me.

“You know what your child is capable of, and struggle with mixed emotions over successes that seem big to other parents, but were relatively easy for your child. Many gifted children learn to tailor their efforts to only meet the school’s expectations, rather than challenging themselves. Some become underachievers under-the-radar – experts at exerting minimal effort, and avoiding detection by the school because of their relatively good grades. Parents struggle with guilt and ambivalence about their reactions, and question when it is okay to feel good – or not – about their child’s successes. “

Is this something you struggle with as a parent of a gifted child? If so, you’re not alone.

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