Teacher For The Day!

I’m Anna and I’m in second grade at Eshleman Elementary School. Today I did a presentation on fossils and minerals. I shared what I learned with my friends. First, I showed them these examples of fossils and minerals.

Then, I showed them my diorama.

The last thing we did was an activity where students pretended they were paleontologists. They had to make up an animal and draw part of it as a fossil and then draw a picture of what the animal probably looked like in it’s habitat. Finally, they wrote about a day in the creature’s life. This is my example of what my friends had to do.

It’s a mix between a bunny and a chameleon.

I liked being the teacher for this project.

Me teaching.
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  1. Gary Campbell says:

    Awesome! You will be great teacher someday!! Love you! Gran dad and grandma

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