Cohort Update: Creating Your Own Business

Yesterday students delved into 5 learning stations with the goal of learning how to think like entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create things people buy. Customers buy solutions to problems. So what better way to kick off this project then to invite students to identify problems they face. Here are some problems students identified in their own lives:

  • I run out of drawing pads because I am drawing all of the time.
  • My shoes come untied when I play soccer.
  • I slip when I play basketball.
  • I have a difficult time waking up to my alarm.
  • I run out of thread when I am sewing.
  • I under cook food.
  • I have trouble carrying my saxophone because it is too heavy.
  • My bus ride to school is long and get bored.
  • We have mice in our house and they chew everything!
  • My pet stinks.

These problems (and others) will serve as a springboard to begin thinking about solutions that customers will want to buy. Once students identify a product or service (or an improvement to an existing product or service) they will develop a plan for their business. If you think about it, a business is really nothing more than one person making life easier for another (for a fee of course!). Students will develop the following components for their business plans:

  • Company Overview: Identify your product/service and explain why people NEED this!
  • Executive Summary: Tell who you are and why you are qualified to start this business. Tell about your experiences and background and why you decided to start this business.
  • Target Audience: Identify WHO is going to buy the product/service.
  • Marketing Plan: Create a business name, logo, and slogan that appeals to your audience.
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