Middle School Lesson: In the Mind’s Eye

Marticville Middle school students started a mini unit titled, Truth Versus Perception. There are 3 goals to this unit:

  1. To analyze and interpret literature, art, and media.
  2. To develop thinking, reasoning, and communications skills.
  3. To understand the concept of truth.

Today students were given this picture.

Then, we discussed the following questions:

  • What behaviors do you see?
  • How many staircases are there?
  • How many sources of gravity are in the picture?
  • Do the people know of each other’s existence?

Wow! Students were engaged in the discussion of this picture for an entire class period! Some students decided the picture was a metaphor about the fact that we all have different realities. Others concluded we can have more than one reality in one place and everyone has their own pathway in life. As the discussion deepened, students questioned what they were seeing. Some began claiming the picture did not exist, which begged the question “What have we been discussing for the last 30 minutes if the picture does not exist?”.

The depth and insight students brought to this lesson was impressive! They made inferences, provided evidence to back up their theories, analyzed the images, and communicated their ideas. Gifted pull out classes are designed to invite students to tap into their points of views and interpretations and grow in confidence when sharing their perceptions. This is where intellectual growth happens!

The final question was, If you had to name the picture, what title would you give it? Here are some of their titles:

  • Climbing Stairs
  • The Stair Scape
  • Not
  • A difficult Choice
  • Gravity
  • Afterlife (with the “i” being an upside down exclamation mark)
  • The Lives of Many

Leave a reply below letting us know what YOU would name the picture!

For those of you who might be wondering, the artist’s name is M.C. Escher and he named the image Relativity.

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