How To Help A Gifted Child Succeed

If you have a little over an hour to spare, and want to learn how gifted children can become as at home in the world around them as they are with the world inside of them, please take the time to watch this 3 part series by Lisa Van Gemert called, Adaptive Giftedness. I’ve included a link to each of the videos below along with a brief summary of each part and my personal “takeaways”.

Part 1: Helping gifted kids get along with themselves.

Part 1 explores why gifted kids need a little bit of help in growing into themselves and why it is so important for children to pay attention to who they are. Lisa emphasizes the idea that gifted kids need to understand that success is the combined result of ability and hard work and they need to build stamina. My key takeaway: Failure is part of the achievement process.

Part 2: Helping gifted kids get along with peers and parents.

Part 2 explores the idea that social emotional development of gifted kids is often more of a concern than the development of their cognitive ability. My key takeaway: Peer group awkwardness is not a sign of giftedness. It is our role as teaches and parents to help children learn the necessary skills to get along in the world and to help foster connection with peers.

Part 3: Helping gifted kids connect with teachers and the community.

Part 3 explores the idea that teachers and parents have the same goal for students but sometimes go about achieving the goal differently. Here are the 3 keys to school success:

  1. Learn to operate and cooperate in a group.
  2. Show respect for property and feelings.
  3. Patience with process (read the article to learn more).

My takeaway: Intelligence doesn’t lead to passion for school just like height doesn’t lead to passion for basketball. We need to work together to leverage the skills and interests children have for real world application. And finally, my favorite line, “Parents and teachers need to work together and realize school will be a supplement to a child’s learning, and not a meal replacement shake.”

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