Summer Camps: Early Bird Sign Ups!

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer camps for your children. Below is a list of technology camps run by Hempfield Teachers and are designed to be fun and challenging.  Last year camps sold out in a week, so more camps are being offered this year so hopefully more students can participate. 

Use the code Earlybird2022 to save $10 off each camp through February 10th.   

Video Game Design Camp:

Immersed in the study and practice of games, we will cover the creative and technical aspects of game design as well as how to use a compelling narrative to drive the direction of your game. Participants will design and program fully functional video games from start to finish with characters, levels, backgrounds, and custom features

Maker’s Camp

Throughout this Maker Camp, campers will utilize coding, circuit boards, and other materials to create and code a variety of awesome STEM projects.  Students create a variety of different projects utilizing coding and Makey Makey circuit boards.  Camper’s will have a blast using their new found coding and circuitry skills to create fun and challenging technology projects!  No previous coding knowledge necessary!

Micro-Controller Camp

Using a single board micro-controller, you will design and learn how to program a light emitting diode (LED) strip, using fundamental programing concepts (variables, control structures, iteration, libraries, and more).  Pending time and knowledge of the content, students will have the opportunity to further their mirror by adding sensors to it (i.e., making the mirror turn on when you get close enough).

Movie Making Camp

In this four day summer movie making camp, students will work with a small group to plan, write, film, and direct their own movie! Campers will learn the ins and outs of writing a movie script.  After writing their script, students will have a blast making their script come alive by acting in their movie.  Students will get to use high definition cameras, green screens, and editing software.  

Digital Photography

Ever wonder why the pictures you take don’t look like the amazing ones you see on Instagram or in magazines?!  Do you love snapping photos on your phone or camera?  This is the camp for you!  Campers will learn the ins and outs of digital photography and editing. Campers will have an opportunity to try various techniques focusing on things such as composition and the manipulation of camera settings. Campers will learn how to use computer software to enhance, restore and manipulate their digital photos.

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