Student Corner

Math Challenges Grade 5

Math Pickle (Organized by grade)

Brilliant (Check out Problem of the Week)

Dan Meyer’s Three Act Math Challenges: 

  • Nana’s Paint Mixup
  •  Pokemon Go Cheat
  •  Super Bear
  •  Nana’s Chocolate Milk
  •  Money Down the Drain
  •  Bubble Wrap
  • Girl Scout Cookies


Simple Machines – Grades 1 – 8

“Ology” Grades K – 8, American Museum of Natural History

Lifeboat to Mars, K-8, PBS NEW

Science Museum, K – 8

Math Resources:

Cave Run Multiplication

Third Grade Math: Scroll down the page until you see “Understand Multiplication” or visit “Multiplication Skill Builder” to practice your multiplication facts.


Factorize 2

Sumdog Grades 1 – 6, Free math contests, lesson games

MathChimp, Grades K – 8

Hooda, Grades K – 8

Math Playground, Grades K-8

Illuminations, Grades K – 12

Counton, Grades K-12

Cool Math Games, Grades K – 12

TheProblemsite, Grades K – 12

Social Studies

Where is That? Grades 3 – 12, Learn states, countries and capitals
Geography Games Grades 3 – 12
Geospy Grades 4 – 12 Grades4 – 8, Online role-play games in US history
BBC – Grades 4 – 12 History NEW to this list
The American Democracy Grades 6 – 8, learn about representative democracy
iCivics Grades 6 – 12
Playing History Grades 6 – 12, interactive games and quizzes
Quandary Grades 6 – 12, Game of Ethics in a New World

Language Arts

VocabularyGrades K-12, Merriam-Webster Online

Various Subjects

Mensa for Kids, Grades K – 6

PBS Kids, Grades K – 6
Prongo, Grades K – 6
Professor Garfield Grades K – 6
FunBrain, Grades K – 8
Gamequarium, Grades K – 8 Links to other game websites are provided here
Kidsknowit, Grades K – 8
Factmonster, Grades K – 12
Interactive Sites for Education, Grades K -12 (great for Interactive Boards)
National Geographic Kids, Grades K – 8
APA and MLA Citation Games, Grades 4 – 12
Citation Games, Grades 4 – 12
Free Thinking Games Grades 6 – 12 Many games including strategy game, sign-in
Free Rice,Grades 6 – 12 Ten grains of rice donated for every correct answer
How Stuff Works, Grades 6 – 12 Crazy Quizzes
The Education Arcade, Grades 6 – 12

Mental Floss 

Interactive Tessellation Site:
Congratulations Kenise! You created an amazing tessellation!
Created by Kenise Garriga

So you want to learn to code? Follow these steps and you will be coding in no time! 

1. Log onto Code Academy

2. Sign up.  Enter your Email, Username, and Password. Write your email, username and password in your journal for future reference.

3.  Visit the Code Academy blog and read the post, What Language do you want to learn?. In your journal, write down what language you want to learn. Describe/define the language including uses for the language.

4. Once you’ve decided on the language you want to learn, scroll to the bottom of the blog and click on the language you chose.

5. Get started by following the directions given on the page.

6. Email me with any questions: I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Marticville Gifted Pull-Out:  

Fold Scope: How the print and fold microscope can change the world. 

What is malaria?

What is a TED talk?

How can bioengineering help stop malaria?

Who is Manu Prakash?

Prakash plans to give away 10,000 build-your-own paper microscope kits to citizen scientists with the most inspiring ideas for things to do with this new invention. What ideas do you have?

ith collecting facts. (Answer: Disagree)

Science Knowledge Survey

Science Knowledge Survey Explained

Frog Dissection Resources

Dissection Topics Science Pull

Frog Dissection Game

Virtual Frog Dissection

Engineering Research Project:

Use the resource below (and any others you wish) to complete your research:

Eshleman Grades 1-3: Resources: Life in the Sea 

Where Do Electric Eels Live?

How Do Electric Eels Generate a Voltage?

Voltage of an Electric Eel

Electric Eel

Encyclopedia Britannica: Electric Eel

Electric Eel Facts

Lassoing an Electric Eel Video

Philosophy Unit: Lesson 1. Bravery

Resources needed for Definition of Bravery Essay Assignment.

Definition Essay on Bravery

Bravery Essay Rubric

Bravery Quotes to Ponder

3 Paragraph Essay Graphic Organizer

Fishbone Map: Idea Web

Catchy Hooks

 Skateboard Science Resources

Skateboard Science Student Guide

Kinds of Energy


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  1. ray says:

    very creepy but reallllllllyyyyy interesting im not sure if i would want to participate in some of these ceremonies! great for doing research or just fun

    • lorihuel says:

      Yes, some of the masks are creepy. I suppose that’s good if the mask is intended to banish fear, or to yield off evil spirits. You can learn so much about a culture from the masks they made and how they were used.

  2. Matthew Schaefer says:

    The masks are very cool,though some are really weird but amazing.

    Your blog is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • lorihuel says:

      Thanks, Matt! I agree. Some of the masks are strange. That’s what’s so interesting about studying masks and studying different cultures. We learn how different we all are, and at the same time, how we are all the same!

  3. Jay M. says:

    Jay here,

    I think your blog is very cool and smooth. I love the pictures of the masks. They are just so… rugged! They are so interesting and intreaging. Great for learning and studing, but not so good for using… FREAKY!!! Thanks, seeyah!


  4. Veronica says:

    That one carnival mask to scare kids was just horrible!!! Who would do that?!?!

  5. Abdul Wahab says:

    yes, some of the masks are strange. That’s what’s so interesting about studying masks and studying different cultures. we can learn so much about a culture from the masks they made and how they were used.

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