Grades 3-6 Research Projects

Currently, all of my students in grades 3-6 are involved in research projects during their library instruction time.  Each grade level’s project ties into either a social studies or science topic that they are discussing this year during classroom instruction.

Third Grade

These students are working on finding information about the solar system and individual planets.  They have used World Book Online for Kids and well as the print version of the encyclopedia.

Fourth Grade

Students in this grade are just beginning to research the different biomes that are found around the world.  They will be finding out about what biomes are, as well as researching three specific types of biomes.

Fifth Grade

This group of students is researching different patriots from the American Revolution, as well as the famous battles that they participated in.  For their information, they are using World Book Online Student version.

Sixth Grade

The sixth grade classes are researching immigration, specifically the experience of coming through Ellis Island.  They are using World Book Online as well as an interactive tour of Ellis Island, which is on Scholastic, Inc’s website.

After completing their research, all of the students will be creating a final project using their Google Drive accounts.