Stardines Swim High Across the Sky

Around Thanksgiving, students read the new poetry book by Jack Prelutsky called Stardines Swim High Across the Sky.  This funny book blends words together to create new animals.  For example, from the title, star and sardine became stardine.  After reading the book, older students created their own, new animals.  Below are some examples.

My made up animal is a “sunkey”.  It is a very bright yellow monkey that shines up a day and is very smart.  When it gets mad, it fires up and gets flamed up.  Kendall, Gr. 6


“Teabras” like tea.  They always have tea time day and night.  They make their tea just right.  Quinn, Gr. 6


“Cabbit”- It is a rabbit that is a cab. So it takes people where they need to go.  Hope, Gr. 6



Tions tie their own shoes,

And tie the ropes on balloons.

Tions don’t like, but they tie all day

And they say hey if it doesn’t stay.  Dru, Gr. 6


Cow + Flounder=Cownder

The Cownder moo in the sea and swim on the grass.  The Cownder sits on the boat when the sailors catch it.  Devyn, Gr. 5


“Colden Retriever”

A colden retriever is always cold.  They have coats on in summer and in winter.  They will never be warm, even in the sun.  Colden retrievers are always very cold.  Isaac, Gr. 6

“White Fail Deer”

A white fail deer is a deer that tries doing things but every time it does something fails.  That is why it is called a white fail deer. Zach, Gr. 6

“Sing Cobra”

They sing and sing all day.  You can ask why they sing but they will not say.  Idris, Gr. 6

Meanwhile, the younger students read the poems, but did not get to see the illustrations.  They practiced their visualization skills by imagining what these new animals would look like and providing their own illustrations.

The animals shown are their interpretations of what a “fountain lion” and a “jollyfish” may look like.

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