Library Research Projects

During the last cycle, I talked to grades 4, 5, and 6 about research projects that we will be completing during library instruction.  There have been a few questions about the project so I wanted to let everybody know what it entails.

The entire project will be done at school, during library instruction.  Students will be doing research on specific topics and then creating a design based on their research.  Fourth grade will research animals and then design a zoo exhibit, fifth grade will research a state and then design a national park for that state, and sixth grade will be researching a planet and then designing a space station for that planet.

After all the planning, students will be creating a final project to present their research and design to the class.  This part of the project is very open ended.  Students can complete the project in a way that matches their interests.  So, some students might make it out of craft materials, Legos, or a poster.  Other students may choose to go a more digital route and do a Google Slides presentation, Minecraft, or other computer programs.  We even had a group of students at another school who made a play to present their project!

The whole project can be completed without the students needing to bring anything in to school.  However, if they do choose to something like Minecraft or Legos, they will need to bring their own supplies (I have some Legos, but not a enough for everyone).  Minecraft is an option, but it is only one of many.  If the group would decide to do Minecraft, it would need to be the pocket edition that is used on phones/tablets/ipods so that it can be done in school.  However, that portion of the project is quite a ways off yet; we probably won’t start creating until mid-April.  I will inform students when we are ready for that part of the process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask!  Thanks!