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POWER Library

Use your public library card to get access to these great resources!

At school, you can click on the link below and you won’t need a library card.  However, this will only work when you are at school!



Check out this database whenever you are interested in learning about any of the states in America, the Canadian provinces, or any country from around the world.  You will need to use one of the following usernames and passwords to get onto their site.

Letort-username: letorthome  password: cgrams

Conestoga-username: conhome  password: cgrams

Martic- username: martichome  password: cgrams


Kids Infobits

Kids Infobits for Letort

password at school: was30869

password at home: was_rpa

Kids Infobits for Martic

password at school: hol36598

password at home: was_rpa

Kids Infobits for Pequea

password at school: wil29866

password at home: was_rpa


Creative Commons

Find images that the creator has given permission for you for you to reuse


Scholastic Go!

username: groliergo2

password: winter