Monthly Archives: August 2014

Birthday Fun

Your child’s birthday is a special day for your entire family!  I enjoy celebrating birthdays at school, too!  I have a few surprises waiting for my birthday boys & girls!  Sometimes my first grade friends like to share treats with the class.  If you choose to do this, I ask that you please send in non-edible birthday treats.  We have students with allergies in our class, and as a parent, I’m sure you can understand that the well being of every student in my class is my number one concern!

In the past, students have really enjoyed wrapping a book and giving it  to the class as a gift!  We’ll unwrap it together!  After we read it, we’ll add it to our class library!  I’ll take a picture of your child and place it inside the book, so we will have a constant reminder of your generosity for years to come!  Need a book suggestion?  We’ll be happy with anything that your child enjoys listening to or reading – Frog and Toad, Fly Guy, Little Critter, Pete the Cat, etc…

If your child has a summer birthday, feel free to celebrate his/her half birthday. For example, if your child was born on July 4th, we could celebrate on January 4th!