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Thanks for making our day so sweet!

Thanks to each one of you who sent apples/supplies to school last week so we could have some apple fun! The kids went over to Mr. Heiney’s room to compare and taste red, yellow, and green apples.  In our room, we cored and peeled apples to make crock pot applesauce.  It cooked all day in our room, and I think the verdict was that it was DELICIOUS!  We met our 5th grade buddies from Mrs. Braun’s class on Friday, and they helped us count apple seeds, and test the apples to see if they would float or sink!  The Kid President video that we watched early in September challenged us to BE MORE AWESOME each day.  At the end of our day on Friday, we talked about how much fun it was having an apple day, but how it was even MORE AWESOME to share our apple fun with Mr. Heiney’s class!  In “SOCKtober”  Kid President will give us a new challenge to be more awesome.  Details will be coming soon!

Reminders –

Wednesday, 10/1  is our picture day.

We are still accepting Exercise for Eshleman postcards.  Thanks for completing those!

Last  week a couple of students forgot to take home their red folders, and weren’t able to complete their homework.  If this happens to your child, please tell them not to worry about it!  Mrs. Terry knows that everyone makes mistakes.

The October lunch menu can be found on line.

Have a great week!

This and that…

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we will be having a substitute teacher in our room on Thursday, September 18, while I am in the building reading with the kids individually!

Today the Eshleman PTO sent home some postcards about a  “FUNdraiser”, called Exercise for Eshleman.  It will be held on October 17.  You are being asked to address 8 postcards with the names and addresses of friends, family, neighbors, and relatives who may be interested in sponsoring your child during this event.  The goal is to raise $15,000 for assemblies, field trips, and new playground equipment!  Although it is short notice, the PTO is hoping that you will be able to return your completed postcards by Friday, September 19 – 2 days from now.  If you need to take the weekend to write your addresses, please return them by Monday.  Thanks so much for your help!

Thanks for signing your child’s owl chart each night!  This Friday, September 19 will be the first day we get to turn in the tickets that we earn for reward coupons!  YAHOO!

Book orders are also due on Friday.


Bring a fluffy friend to school!

On Monday, September 15, the kids are welcome to bring a fluffy friend to school!  We are going to practice our “Reading to Someone” with them!  All animals should fit in their back packs so that we have enough room in our class for an extra 26 friends!  The kids can bring the animals home again on Monday after school!  Have a great weekend!

I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Thursdsay, September 11 from 4-6 is  Eshleman meet the teacher night.  The children are excited to show you around our room now that it’s familiar to them!  Even though I met most of you at our sneak a peak in August, I am looking forward to connecting with you again on Thursday evening.  I hope you can make it!

A few class reminders:

We eat lunch LAST at Eshleman, 12:14 to be exact!  Try to give your student a big, healthy breakfast that will hold him/her over until lunch time.

Scholastic book orders are due on September 19.  Please use our on line code to order, or send in checks (made payable to Scholastic), along with your order form.

Our first spelling test is coming up on September 11 – how exciting!  Thanks for practicing at home with your students!

Today you should also see a yellow poetry folder in your son/daughter’s back pack.  There’s a note inside telling you all about why we read poems.

We made a class book and I will be sending it home each night with one of our first grade friends.   Since we have 26 students in our room, it will take at least 26 school days to get home to everyone.  It’s very hard to wait, I know!  There’s a comment page on the back of the book.  We’d love to hear your positive feedback so we are encouraged to keep on writing!  Be sure to send the book back to school the very next day we are in session.

We had another really great day today!  I think we’re getting into the swing of this thing called school!  Clip chart results are coming home.  Please remember to stay positive with your son/daughter, even if there is a clip down.  Everyone makes mistakes!  We’ll just try to be more AWESOME the next day!

Thanks for sharing your children with me!




We’re off to a great start!

Today we had our best school day of the year!  The kids are really learning our routine, getting to know new friends, and practicing their great behavior!  Did you hear that we have a Mrs. Potato head in our room?  When the whole class is following directions, I add a body part to the potato.  Today we earned TWO parts!  When she has all of her parts, the kids will earn a class reward of their choice!  They really lived up to their name “GRADE ONEderful” today!  I was so proud of each one of them!

We have been “practicing” using our clip chart for the past two weeks.  I’ve been giving the kids examples of clip ups, and clip downs.  On Monday we start “the real deal.”  A behavior log will come home letting you know where your son/daughter clipped to for the day.  If your child stays on ready to learn, please keep in mind this means s/he is having a great day!  If a clip down is needed, I will try to write on the behavior log the reason for the clip down.  The end of our day can be very busy, and sometimes we may not have time to complete the behavior chart.  Don’t worry, we can fill it in the next morning.  When students clip down, I do reassure them that everyone makes mistakes, and they  have the rest of the day to clip back up the chart!

On Monday I will introduce a ticket system that will tie in with our clip chart.  My friends will earn tickets for clip ups, and pay me tickets for clip downs.  The tickets can be redeemed for prize coupons for fun things such as:  wear your pajamas to school, eat lunch in the room, or use a pen all day in school.  The kids will have a variety of choices – there’s something for everyone!

Mark your calendar for Thursday, September 11.  Eshleman’s meet the teacher night will run from 4-6 PM.  Stop in to say hello, take a tour of the building, meet some of our specialists, and see the “alpha bird” we made!  I’m looking forward to seeing each of you!

Thank you for helping the kids practice their spelling words at home.  I think they were excited to receive their first list!  Everyone had fun writing their words out on the sidewalk today with chalk!  Our test will be on Thursday!  Please sign and return the corrected test when it comes home.


– It’s been fun seeing what the kids bring to school in their “All about me” bags.  We will finish sharing these next week.  If you haven’t already, feel free to send a bag in on Monday!  We all love seeing the baby pictures!

– You have until 9/19 to place a book order.  Feel free to use our class code to order on line, or to send your completed order and check in to school.

– I will set up a classroom volunteer schedule beginning in October based on the forms you turned in.  Thanks for all of the support!

– If you know someone who is a “community helper” and would enjoy coming in to talk to both first grades about their job,  please touch base with me through email (  We’re looking for firefighters, police officers, nurses, trash collectors, dentists, doctors, mail carriers, etc…

Enjoy your weekend!  The kids worked hard this week.  They deserve a break!