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Once again, we tried to be  MORE AWESOME during the month of October.  This time the children and I watched a Kid President video where we were challenged to think of others.  We turned October into “Socktober,” and decided to follow Kid President’s lead by collecting socks for those who will need them this winter.  Without many reminders from me,  socks trickled  in all month long.  I love that they took the initiative (and you) to help us reach our goal of being MORE AWESOME!  We collected 35 pairs of socks!  THANK YOU!


What a fun morning we had celebrating all things fall!  Your children were absolutely “ONEderful”!  I couldn’t be more proud of them!  Thank you to each and every one of you who stood out in the cold, donated supplies, or volunteered your time.  I’m so thankful for the wonderful parents in our room!  Have a great weekend!

A few reminders

Pizza Hut reading logs can be turned in tomorrow or Monday for those kids who read 5 nights a week for 10 minutes each night.  Thanks for reading at home!

Tomorrow is our fall festival!  Parents who signed up to volunteers should arrive in our room by 10:10 for instructions!  We’re looking forward to seeing you!  Some of our stations will be outside, so please send your child to school with a coat.

Thank you for the donations of paper towel rolls and cereal boxes!  You are wonderful!  I have enough of each at this time!


We had a great day today!

Today the kids and I had a great day together!  I think one thing that started our day out great was that several of my friends brought in books that they wrote over the long weekend!  YEP – they wrote and illustrated their own books!  Our writers are blossoming in room 7, and it’s so exciting!  As if that wasn’t enough, after I gave one of our reading groups a new book, one of the children said, “Wow, I feel like I can really read!”  Another student exclaimed, “This looks like a chapter book.  I must be a real reader!”  My heart melted… This folks, is why I love teaching first grade!  Thanks for your help at home!

One more thing to dig out of your recycling bin – cereal boxes!  If you finish a box of cereal in the next week or so, I’d love to have the empty box!  It can be any size box, and any kind of cereal.  Thanks so much!

Please sign and return your conference form and lesson 6 spelling test and return them to school.

Thank you!


I’m  sending home a letter about a Math program  that we’ll be using in our room to practice Math fact fluency.  It’s called XtraMath.  You will be able to use a code that is unique to your child to log into the XtraMath website and work on Math facts from home!  I already have the code for your child – you will find it at the bottom of the letter.  You can easily access the XtraMath website by going to my GRADE ONEderful blog, and clicking on the link at the top of the page that says COMPUTER FUN!  From there, you will see the link to XtraMath on the left hand side of the page, under the word MATH.  The kids logged in from school, so they may even remember how to help you get to the site!  Have fun practicing those Math facts!  The faster the kids know them, the better!  

Some of the kids are running low on erasers.  Ask your son/daughter if s/he is borrowing from a friend!  It’s nice to share every once in a while, but I’d like everyone to have their own eraser!  We do have a few extra’s to share in our room, but they disappear and are lost within minutes!  Well, it seems that way to me, anyway!  If you send a small bar eraser to school, please write your child’s name on the eraser.  This way we can return the eraser to it’s owner when someone finds it on the floor.  Thanks for your help!

Red Ribbon Week – October 27-31

Red ribbon week is a week where people, schools, and communities unite and take a visible stand against drugs.  At the elementary level, Red Ribbon Week is a week where we focus on healthy habits and choices, and pledging to be drug free.

Daily Themes:

Monday, 10/27 – RED-dy, set, go!  Be drug free, Wear red!

Tuesday, 10/28 – Team up against drugs, wear your favorite team

Wednesday, 10/29 – Color my world drug free – Wear BRIGHT colors

Thursday, 10/30 – I’m a “JEAN”-ius.  I’m drug free.  Wear jeans

Friday, 10/31 – Being drug free is no sweat, wear sweats


I CAN, you CAN, we all CAN say NO to drugs!  Everyone can bring in  cans and non-perishable food items any day this week for those in our community who are in need.

Conference forms  were sent home today in the home/school folder.  Please be sure to complete the bottom portion of this form, and return it to school on Monday.  Thanks so much!  I look forward to chatting with each one of you about your ONEderful first grader!

Fall Fest – Parents – Thank you so much for  generously volunteering to help out at our fall fest and for your donations!  I’d like to have all donations sent to school by Thursday, October 30.  If you have signed up to volunteer, please check in at the office on Friday, 10/31  before coming to our classroom.  We’ll expect to see you at 10:10 AM.

The November lunch menu can be found on the PM website… Check it out!

‘Book It’ reading logs should be turned in by Friday, October 31st.  Thanks for reading at home with your child!



Pennies for Math

After a short review on Monday afternoon, our class will be taking the chapter 2 math test.  Please sign and return this test so I can keep it in my files. Next, we will begin a unit about addition strategies to 20.  I’d like everyone to bring a bag of 12 pennies to school if you can find some in a piggy bank, in your sofa cushions, or if you can borrow some from Grandma and Grandpa! Please send them in a ziplock bag, labeled with your child’s name by Wednesday.  I can’t guarantee that they’ll make it back home, but we’ll try!  Manipulatives and pencils seem to get lost very easily in our room!

On Friday, Oct. 31st our class will be getting together with Mr. Heiney’s first graders for a fall festival.  If you signed up to help in our room, or to donate items to our class, I will be sending a letter home soon letting you know how you can help.  Thanks for your support – you are a wonderful group of parents!

Pizza Hut ‘Book It’ reading logs will be due at the end of next week.  Thanks for reading at home!

We’ll be sending home Math flash cards to practice at home very soon too!  Stay tuned!

A few reminders

I wanted to let you know that we will be participating in a “shake out” drill tomorrow, Oct. 16.  There are 3 parts to the drill – 1)Drop to the ground

2) Take Cover

3) Hold on to your shelter and be prepared to move with it until the shaking stops

More information about this “Shake out” drill can be found on the Eshleman blog.  I have already spoken to the children about this, so it won’t be a surprise to them.  We’ll follow up the shake out drill with a fire drill.  We will be in art class so this will be a great opportunity to learn where to go when they aren’t in our room!

Today we finished our Columbus unit.  We had a lot of fun trading items with other classes in the school, just like Columbus traded with the Natives!  Be sure to read the Columbus packet that will be coming home soon, so you can see what we traded!

We have a spelling test tomorrow.  New words will be coming home on Friday.

Book orders are due on line, or with a check made payable to Scholastic by Friday.

Friday is our exercise for Eshleman day!  Please send your students to school in comfy clothing and sneakers.

Thanks so much for all of the paper towel rolls and disinfecting wipes!  You’re the best!

The kids were wondering if their reading book practice can count toward their 10 minutes of reading for their “Book It.”  The answer is YES!





High Frequency Words

We usually call our high frequency words “Word Wall Words,” because we have a giant, alphabetical list of these words on one of our bulletin boards.  The kids refer to this list when they are writing and need a reminder of how to spell a word.  A customized word wall list that your child knows how to read (known words) and words that s/he needs to learn to read (unknown words) was sent home in the home/school folder on Friday.  I would love for you to review some of these words with your child for 5 minutes each night.  A list of fun ways to learn them are included with your child’s list.  I can’t emphasize enough that known and unknown words should be practiced together, to help your child feel successful while learning to read the unknown words.   This is hard stuff – we want to keep them motivated to learn!  Thanks for your help, I’m so thankful for your support at home!