High Frequency Words

We usually call our high frequency words “Word Wall Words,” because we have a giant, alphabetical list of these words on one of our bulletin boards.  The kids refer to this list when they are writing and need a reminder of how to spell a word.  A customized word wall list that your child knows how to read (known words) and words that s/he needs to learn to read (unknown words) was sent home in the home/school folder on Friday.  I would love for you to review some of these words with your child for 5 minutes each night.  A list of fun ways to learn them are included with your child’s list.  I can’t emphasize enough that known and unknown words should be practiced together, to help your child feel successful while learning to read the unknown words.   This is hard stuff – we want to keep them motivated to learn!  Thanks for your help, I’m so thankful for your support at home!

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