Reading Groups and High Frequency Words

Reading Group Fun!

I’m excited to build into our day some time to work with your child in a small reading group.  It’s during this time that I target specific skills that will help to develop and grow your child as a reader.  We’re learning what good readers do when they come to a word they don’t know!  We also practice our “word wall words” as well as many other aspects of the reading process.  We keep things lively and fun!  Your child will bring home a red “Reading” folder every night.  Please read the book that is inside this folder, and sign your initials on the included post it note.  If the post it note is in the middle of the book, that means that we have not read the entire book.  I know it’s hard to do, but please allow your child to stop reading when you get to this bookmarker.  (The kids tell on you when you make them read past where I asked them to stop – that always makes me chuckle)  You may see the same book come home a few nights in a row.  Reading a book multiple times is a great way to improve fluency, and you will notice “smoother” reading each time your child reads to you.  Since it won’t take you too long to read this story together, I have enclosed a letter in the folder with all kinds of great suggestions of follow up activities.  Thanks so much for being a reading buddy with your child!  You are going to be amazed at the reading growth you see this year!  It’s what I love the most about teaching first grade!  Enjoy!

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