Pennies for Math

After a short review on Monday afternoon, our class will be taking the chapter 2 math test.  Please sign and return this test so I can keep it in my files. Next, we will begin a unit about addition strategies to 20.  I’d like everyone to bring a bag of 12 pennies to school if you can find some in a piggy bank, in your sofa cushions, or if you can borrow some from Grandma and Grandpa! Please send them in a ziplock bag, labeled with your child’s name by Wednesday.  I can’t guarantee that they’ll make it back home, but we’ll try!  Manipulatives and pencils seem to get lost very easily in our room!

On Friday, Oct. 31st our class will be getting together with Mr. Heiney’s first graders for a fall festival.  If you signed up to help in our room, or to donate items to our class, I will be sending a letter home soon letting you know how you can help.  Thanks for your support – you are a wonderful group of parents!

Pizza Hut ‘Book It’ reading logs will be due at the end of next week.  Thanks for reading at home!

We’ll be sending home Math flash cards to practice at home very soon too!  Stay tuned!

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