We had a great day today!

Today the kids and I had a great day together!  I think one thing that started our day out great was that several of my friends brought in books that they wrote over the long weekend!  YEP – they wrote and illustrated their own books!  Our writers are blossoming in room 7, and it’s so exciting!  As if that wasn’t enough, after I gave one of our reading groups a new book, one of the children said, “Wow, I feel like I can really read!”  Another student exclaimed, “This looks like a chapter book.  I must be a real reader!”  My heart melted… This folks, is why I love teaching first grade!  Thanks for your help at home!

One more thing to dig out of your recycling bin – cereal boxes!  If you finish a box of cereal in the next week or so, I’d love to have the empty box!  It can be any size box, and any kind of cereal.  Thanks so much!

Please sign and return your conference form and lesson 6 spelling test and return them to school.

Thank you!

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