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First Grade Feast

First grade will still be enjoying a Thanksgiving Feast today at approximately 11:45 AM.  Mrs. Heiney is at home busily preparing the food, and we will hold our feast as soon as she is able to arrive.  The children have noticed that it has already started to snow.   Join us if you would like to, but please do what you feel is the most safe for you.  Times are approximate since so many things have changed this morning.  I will take lots of pictures of the entire class!  Please inform the office if your child’s transportation is changing because of the extra hour early dismissal.  Thanks so much for your flexibility!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Feast & Book Orders

Our Thanksgiving feast we be held on Wednesday afternoon.  If you signed up to donate food or paper products, could you please send them to school by Monday, November 24.  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate all of the ways you help in our room!

Our November book order just arrived, and the kids will be bringing their orders home on Monday.  I’ll also be sending home the December book order.   If you would like to give a special 6 or 7 year old the gift of books this holiday season,  I would be happy to place your December book order in the office for you to pick up at your convenience.  The December books will arrive before our holiday break!

I will not be in school on Tuesday, December 2.  The kids will be in good hands with a substitute.  Our sweet room aide, Mrs. Mayzum, will be here too.

Today I got to eat lunch in the room with two of the boys from our class.  They chose to “buy”a coupon to have  lunch with me by using the tickets they earned from our clip chart.  You can not imagine how entertaining and fun it is to spend 1/2 hour chatting with 2 first graders!  I am so thankful for the 26 smiling faces that greet me every single day!  Let’s not even talk about how proud I am of all that they have accomplished during the first marking period!  These kids are soaking it all in – first graders are ONEderful!  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful children!


Thanks for helping our school!

Here’s a big shout out to my ONEderful first grade families who donated $123.17 in change to the PTO coin drive! We came in 2nd place, just a few dollars behind Mrs. Detter’s class!  The ONEderful news is that because 1st & 2nd places were so close, we BOTH received free books for our classrooms libraries.  The kids and I were thrilled!  The children went “shopping” with me this morning, and we picked out a lot of good books to read in our room.  Thank you!   There was a grand total of $935.00 raised by all of the families at Eshleman!  This money was used to purchase books for every classroom, as well as the Eshleman library!  Thanks so much for supporting our love of reading!

Thank you for the brown bag donations!  I now have enough bags, and they are about to be transformed into Native American vests!

Disguise a turkey projects – what can I say?  They are ADORABLE!  Look for them in the hallway the next time you visit our room!


Book Fair Time

Just a reminder that it will be our day to shop for books on Monday, November 17.  We’ll have a chance to buy books during our library instruction time.  If you choose to have your child buy books, please send his/her money to school in a zip lock bag, labeled with a name.

Thank you for all of the coin donations for the PTO book fair coin drive!  You are so generous, and the children really got into the spirit of giving! As of today, our class was in a close race with Mrs. Detter’s class to win the $100 shopping spree at the book fair!  No matter what the results are, we all helped to raise money for our school – that’s “ONEderful!”

I’d like to begin collecting some brown paper grocery bags to make Native American vests for our Thanksgiving Feast.  If you have any paper bags (not plastic) that we could use, please send them in to school by Wednesday.

Our feast will be held on Wednesday, November 26th, and parents are welcome to attend.  The kids will be involved in activities from 10-Noon.  I will let you know closer to the date what time parents should join in on the fun!

Speaking of fun – thank you to Joelle’s mom, for  coming in to be a Mystery Reader and sharing a story with the class.  The kids were super excited to find out her identity, and they were great listeners during her story!

Please continue to practice math facts at home…. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

Coin Wars!

The PTO is inviting you to have a COIN WAR with the other classes at Eshleman.  Look under your sofa cushions, or ask Grandpa to empty out his pockets, and bring your change in to school.  Silver coins will add toward a positive total for our class while pennies can be placed in another class’ bucket for a negative total!  The class with the most change will receive a $100 shopping spree at the book fair!  Coins will be collected all week long!

The book fair will be open for parents to shop on Wednesday, November 12 from 1:30-8 PM, and again on Tuesday, November 13 from 1:30-2:30.  Our class will also have a chance to shop during our library instruction class on Monday, November 17.  If you would like your child to buy books on this date, please send their money to school in a sealed envelope.  Thanks!

Cycle Day Reminder

Friday, November 7 – No school for Elementary students.  This is a cycle day 3 – We are skipping this cycle day for now.  We will not have cycle day 3 when we return to school on Monday.   I will work together with Mrs. Calendar to find another date for book exchange so we don’t have to wait until November 17 (our next cycle day 3) to choose new books.

When we come back to school on Monday, November 10, it will be cycle day 4 .