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Thank you to everyone who braved the snowy weather and joined us for our Thanksgiving Feast!  The children looked so cute all gathered around the “table” together.  I loved hearing them share what and who they are thankful for!  I’ll post pictures from our feast on our Shutterfly site!

While I was at a meeting on Tuesday, the substitute reported that the class had a great day.  I’m so proud of the kids for showing me how they can SOAR when a guest teacher is in our room.  Today they had wonderful behavior for me too, and got rave reviews in Art class!  You should be proud of your child’s behavior – I certainly am!

Have you heard that we are entering the Lancaster Newspaper (LNP) “Illustrate Headlines” contest?  Each child chose between two headlines to illustrate – “Woodcarvers’ art takes flight,” or “Stormers slam Sharks, earn playoff berth.”  We looked at some headlines from the newspaper, and matched them to the corresponding picture.  We talked about the who, what, where, when, and why of the headline.  Next it was time to come up with our very own illustration to go along with the chosen headline.  The winning entries will be published in a 40 page special section entitled “NIE Week” that is inserted in LNP on Tuesday, March 3, 2015.  Good luck, kids!

Spelling tests will be coming home on Thursday for you to sign and return.  Thanks for practicing the words at home!  On Thursday we’ll be taking the Chapter 4 Math test.  That will be coming home for you to sign and return too!  Keep practicing those Math facts at home.  The children have learned many strategies to help them learn their facts.

Our class has been staying pretty healthy!  We miss the kids when they aren’t in school, but I really appreciate that you keep them at home to rest and get better when they aren’t feeling well.  Please remember to send an excuse card to school with your child when they return to class.  We are still stocked up on disinfecting wipes and tissues, thank you!  We could use some more pink bar erasers and 3″ x 3″ post it notes if you happen to come across some in your travels and wouldn’t mind donating them to our class.

Thanks so much!

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