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Full day of school for Friday!

Due to the weather forecast for this evening, the annual spring semester high school Parents’ Night originally scheduled for this evening is postponed.  The high school parents’ night will now be held on Thursday, February 5th beginning at 6:45 PM in the high school auditorium.  Additionally, the K-12 early dismissal scheduled for Friday, January 30th is postponed until Friday, February 6th.  All students in Kindergarten through 12th grade will now be in school for a regular day tomorrow and will have an early dismissal next Friday, February 6th.

We will have school until 3:30 PM on Friday, January 30th.  It is spirit day at Eshleman – send your child to school wearing their favorite team shirt or jersey!

Wednesday, February 4th is our 100 day celebration.  Students may dress like a 100 year old, and bring a ziplock bag of 100 items to school.

We are collecting Boxtops!  Please send them to school trimmed around the dotted line and placed in bags of 50.

Spelling tests came home today.  Please sign and return them to school.  Thank you!

Important weather related announcement

Please check the Eshleman blog for an announcement about a POTENTIAL schedule change for our school day on Friday.

We have a spelling test tomorrow.

Thanks for sending in so many QU/WH shower gifts!  The kids had a great time “giving” their gifts to the quints!

Upcoming Reminders:  We will be celebrating the 100th day of school on Wednesday, February 4th.  Please send a 100 piece collection to school in a ziplock bag.  Your child may also dress like a 100 year old if they choose to do so.

The PTO is hosting a Box Top contest for the month of February.  Please send your boxtops to school cut, and bagged into groups of 50.

Friday is spirit day at Eshleman.  Students are encouraged to wear a favorite team/group/club shirt or jersey.


Spirit Day on Friday

Friday is jersey day at Eshleman.  Students are encouraged to wear a team jersey or shirt of their favorite sports team.  Students may also wear a shirt from a  team/group or club they are involved in!

The PTO is hosting a Boxtop Blitz in the month of February!  Trim your boxtops around the dotted line, bag them into groups of 50, and send them in to school!  Every class who sends in 125 boxtops earns a PJs day!  Other special prizes await the class who brings in the most boxtops!

Friday is an early dismissal day at 1:30.  Please send a note to school with any transportation changes.

We had 7 students out sick yesterday!  Please remember to send in an excuse card/note when your child returns to school.  Thanks for helping to keep our attendance up to date!


100th day supplies needed

If you are able to donate any of the following materials for our 100 day celebration, please email me at  I would like to have all items sent to school by Monday, February 2.  Thanks so much!

Feel free to donate any amount of each of these items…

3 boxes of fruit loops (generic bags of fruit loops are fine too)

8 boxes of paper clips.  Any size, color or pattern is fine.

4 packs of  red “solo” cups.  The smaller size will work great.  Generic brand is fine!

4 packs of paper doilies

30 paper plates.  The really flimsy, no frills kind will work just great!





100th Day

The kids are going to be doing the cutest writing project on the 100th day of school.  For this activity we will need some brown paper grocery bags and cotton balls.  If you have either to spare, I would love for you to send them to school this week so our parent/grandparent volunteers can begin prepping them for our 100th day of school.  Thanks so much for always helping out with my donation requests!  I really appreciate having such supportive families!

I’m hoping to see the kids at school tomorrow, but if we have a snow day, please practice spelling words and math facts while you enjoy some extra time together.  I told the kids they can practice both of these in the snow!  Some of them didn’t think that was the best idea!

I introduced the class to our QUintuplets.  Throughout the week each student will have the chance to take care of one of the quintuplets during the school day.  You have such loving kids, even when they are taking care of a paper baby!  QU/WH baby shower gifts can be sent to school as soon as you are able to find something around your house.  Our shower is scheduled for Wednesday.

100th Day of School & a baby shower!

We’ll be celebrating the 100th day of school on February 4th!  Get your creative juices flowing because on this date we will be dressing up like we are 100 years old!  We’ll be combining with Mr. Heiney’s class for a morning of 100 day activities!  Please send your child to school with a collection of 100 objects that fit into a ziplock bag.  Objects such as pennies, cotton balls, candy, cereal, etc… work well!

We will need  volunteers to help run our 100 day stations.  If you are free that morning and would like to join us, please send me an email.  If you aren’t able to join us on February 4th, no worries!  I’ll be posting a list of supplies we need for our 100 day celebration.  Stay tuned!  If we have a day off from school due to bad weather between now and then, our 100 day celebration will be pushed back accordingly.

Later this week we will begin learning about the sounds for QU & WH.  This is always such a fun letter combination to study!  I’ll be introducing the class to our QUintuplets (Quincy, Quigley, Queenie, Quintin & Quinn) who will stay in our room for the cycle.  We’ll be having a baby shower for them on Wednesday, January 28.  Please send a shower “gift” to school for the quints.  They like anything that begins with the letters QU  or WH of course!  Look for objects that you have around your house. Feel free to put them in a gift bag, or wrap them up in some pink and blue paper. All baby shower gifts will be returned to you at the end of the shower!  I can hardly wait!

The excitement will continue on February 13th with a Valentine/Friendship party.  I’ll send home a class list at the beginning of February.  If your child is going to exchange Valentines with the other kids in our class, please plan to purchase or make 26 valentines.  One for each friend in our class!  Thank you!

Calendar update

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your bonus day home with the kids today!  Maybe this day off is just what everyone needed to feel rested, get healthy, and return to school tomorrow ready to learn!  I have a few calendar updates for you:

Friday, January 16, 2015, is now a regular school day for all students K-12.  Dismissal is at 3:30 PM. This will be a cycle day 5.

Monday, January 19, 2015 remains a vacation day for all students.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 is now an early dismissal day for elementary students. (moved from Friday, 1/16).  We will dismiss at 1:30 PM.  This will be a make up cycle day 3 from back in the fall when we had off school but the secondary students did not.

Wednesday, January 21 I will still have a substitute.  This will be cycle day 6.  The kids will have a spelling test.

Thursday, January 22 I will be back at school, and the regular cycle schedule continues with a day 1.

Mark your calendar!

aaARgh – It’s pirate week!

You’re going to wish you were a first grader this week as we incorporate some pirate activities into our  learning  about the AR sound!  Before we go on our AR scavenger hunt, the kids will be making their own pirate hooks with our (grand)parent volunteers!  If you would like to send a handkerchief in for your little pirate to wear around their head, feel free to do so!  Please label it with his/her name and send it in by Wednesday.  We may even find a treasure after we hunt for AR words all around our school!

We’ll continue to learn all about writing our opinions this week too!  The kids had some strong opinions against my favorite pizza toppings!  Imagine first graders thinking that onions and green peppers are gross!  They were so funny!

In Math we have been working hard on counting ten more and ten less, and using models and symbols to compare numbers.  This is tough stuff, and the kids have been working hard.  They have been doing their “homework” pages in school with our aide, Mrs. Mayzum, so that we can closely monitor the students who need extra practice.  We’ll take our test after the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday break.

Please look for the Math facts packet that came home in your child’s red folder on Friday.  Our addition and subtraction facts to 20 have been broken down into 26 levels for your child to memorize in manageable chunks.  You will receive one level at a time.   Practice level 1  until you feel your child is ready to take the test.  When your child has demonstrated mastery of this level at school, I will send the next level home.  A certificate will be given to your child after s/he completes each level, and for every 5 levels that are completed, your child will receive a small prize. That made some kids cheer!  “Knows basic math facts” will be graded during marking periods 3 & 4, so it’s time to get down to business!

We’re almost 1/2 way through our first grade year, and my expectations for your child’s behavior are increasing.  This means the class will no longer receive warnings for things such as talking at inappropriate times, touching others, etc…  If you see clip downs for this type of behavior, don’t be alarmed.  I know the kids will be able to live up to these new expectations.  They are growing by leaps and bounds both academically and socially.  I’m so proud of them!

Does anyone in your family have an old fashioned electric typewriter gathering dust in the attic?  The kids type their spelling words on the one I used in college, and there is always a waiting line for this station!  I would love to add another typewriter to this station if we can find one.  Wait, did I just say old fashioned and refer to my college experience in the same paragraph?

A few dates for your calendar:

Friday, January 16 (cycle day 3)  1:30 early dismissal for elementary students

Book orders due

Monday, January 19 – No school K-12

Tuesday, January 20 – Welcome back to school.  Cycle day 6

Spelling test day!

Wednesday, January 21 – Substitute teacher in first grade.  I’ll be in the building testing 🙂

Wednesday, January 28 – Pizza Hut reading logs due

Friday, January 30 – 1:30 early dismissal

We’re trying to stay healthy by washing our hands often.  Thank you for keeping your kiddo at home when s/he is feeling under the weather.  I’d be happy to gather missed school work for you to pick up in the office!


Happy 2015!