It’s been so much fun getting to know this sweet group of first graders!  We have been busy getting to know one another, learning our school rules, and figuring out all of the daily procedures that help our classroom to run smoothly!  Right now the children are learning how to read to themselves.  We’ve been keeping track of how long each and every student is able to read a book to themselves.  So far our record is a little over 6 minutes!  Go first grade!

A big thanks to each of you for signing and returning the owl chart each day.  I will send a new one home every Day 1 and place the old one in my files.  It is wonderful when all of the kids are on Ready to Learn, or have clipped up.  If your child clips down, remember that everyone makes mistakes, and it’s just a little warning.  If there is a problem with behavior during school, you’ll be the first to know!

Did you hear that we practiced our spelling list by writing the words in shaving cream?  I’m pretty sure it was a HUGE success.  Not one friend asked when it was time to go to lunch even though it was close to lunch time!  I appreciate any help you can give to the children at home with these words.  One time through the list each night would be great!  Our first test will be on Monday, September 14.  Tests are held every cycle day 6, and new lists are sent home on Day 1.  Please sign and return all spelling tests to school.

During Math class we are learning how to add numbers and write addition number sentences.  We have been playing addition games with dice and dominoes.  Math homework will come home three times a week.  If your child has a difficult time with homework, write me a note and let me know.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday, September 17.  Drop in any time between 4-6 PM.  We will have a 1:30 early dismissal on Friday, September 18.  See you soon!


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