Thanks to each one of you who donated supplies and volunteered during our fall fest.  We had a fun time!

Mrs. Strosser, our guidance counselor, has been talking to the kids about being a Peacemaker.  She is teaching them how to deal with their feelings of anger, and how to tell the difference between tattling (to get someone in trouble) and reporting (because someone could be hurt).  I appreciate her lessons and have started to hear the kids try to solve small problems on their own.  I am proud of them!

We have 19 students in our room whom each have 2 feet!  That’s 38 shoes that can come untied each day (multiple times)!  If your child is able to tie their own shoes, HOORAY!  If your child isn’t able to tie their own shoes, please practice this important skill at home.  My husband was always the teacher in this area… I feel your pain!  Thanks for your help!

As you know, the kids earn tickets based on where they land on their owl chart each day.  10 tickets earns them a chance to “buy” a reward coupon from me.  The kids LOVE buying coupons and we usually try to do this each Friday.  One of my coupons is “Wear your PJ’s to school.”  If your child comes home and says s/he is allowed to wear their PJ’s to school, believe it!  I will try to send home individual notes to let you know but in case I forget, the kids ARE telling you the truth!  I usually recommend they don’t wear PJ’s on cycle day 5 when we have gym class.

Important reminder – There is no school for elementary students on Friday, November 6.  This is cycle day 1.  Since the middle school and high school kids are going to school on Friday, elementary kids will miss cycle day 1 (for now).  elementary students will make up this cycle day on another date  (when elementary comes to school and middle school and high school have off).  What I’m trying to say is that our last day of school this week is Thursday, Nov.5 (cycle day 6).  When we return to school on Monday, Nov. 9, it will be cycle day 2!  Whew!


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